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Mom looked at each other, some of the reactions, however, thought his son seduce girls, some female students is a ignorant, no matter how kind of thinking must come back to save their own son.
Bong and Xiao Hua caught up in the street after shopping, watching Bong are wearing something more upscale, in a judgment on the next heart: Bong must be a wealthy woman bully house must let Lee Phoenix Guanjiao her parents, do not let yourself dwell on high academic achievers Bong Son, so regardless of his son’s repeated plea,cheap beats by dre, regardless of Bong’s repeatedly explained, Bong life and death is coming home.
Bong is now actually hear that this year more than the sons of the student body Zhong Xiao surprised them: they actually think is wrong? Son did not mix with bad student?
Xiao Hua’s mother still some stubborn, Lee looked a little house and home furnishings, already understand the Lee family was not poor little house, finds more wealthy people do not learn Bong sister, for Li Small words also doubtfully, on some barbed remarks: “my son is the only hope for our family, house head condition is not good, he read out only by the University, we have a size, whatever you want after only sister. is good or bad results, this high school for three years, and we hope you do not come to our house sister son. “
Bong has had tears in the eyes, so that makes public humiliation, do not lose everything in the school Bong how people can stand it? Lee handed a little comforting look in the past, Xiao Hua mother did not take it,cheap beats, but looking at the bespectacled boy asked:. “Xiao Hua, I would like to hear your views and decisions on this matter.”
“Xiao Hua is my son, my son, listen to me, I mean what he meant.” Xiao Hua mother overstating the sound, some excited.
“Auntie, I can constrain get my sister, my sister is also available on Baoqing high school, to the time and if the two of them met in school, are considered sister Xiao Hua went to see my family do? still considered my sister found a Xiao Hua? this you distinguish it? “Lee looked at the little look indifferent eager Hudu child’s mother, asked.
“My son certainly not disobedient” Xiao Hua’s mother excitedly off the ground with the language.
“Well, today, I front of your face, ask your son if he is to keep the decision after meeting on the escape three Zhang Yuan Li Feng, I will let my sister saw your son will escape three Zhang Yuan. Xiaohua, so you decide it? “Little looked at Xiao Hua Li asked.
Xiao Hua did not expect such an embarrassing scene appeared, he looked up at the moment I just feel ashamed quickly toward Bong handed a guilty look, Xiao Hua look to their parents: seriously promised: “I will be good good reading, I love Bong, she and I will study hard, and we will not delay learning. “
“how likely do not delay learning object? school teachers are told, as long as love, one to grab a fire when you do not consider the university entrance exam? If you dare to fall in love with this sister, I will not kill you to see “Xiao Hua’s mother threatens, and no body in the Lee home a little self-conscious.
Lee Little listen to understand: This is Xiao Hua and his sister’d have thought about the object, but Xiao Hua’s parents are opposed to it, think love will affect their son’s learning, firmly opposed to love his son, supposedly it, if against it, his son will grab back some imparting instruction line, Which discipline to discipline the child is not behind closed doors?
this girl went home to downtown apart from anything else, the first time that Lee little touches unprecedented hear “Bong, what is your attitude? I want to know what you really think.” Li underestimate the the side Weiweiququ Bong.
“I see Xiao Hua, and if he will not listen to their parents come to me, I would never see him again.” Bong one hand on his elbow, leaning against the wall and looked Shaw China.
words simple, but it is: people come to such humiliation, individuals are uncomfortable listening to Xiao Hua and if parents do not take the initiative to find the words to her, why she does this rugged distressed feelings?
“the aunt, you understand, right? son, if you can manage all of your home, if your son to find my sister, you do not repeat what my sister taught bad son if your home my sister definitely will not take the initiative to look for your son, and now look at you means to your son. governing each of our houses it, “Lee nodded first little sister directed only look to Xiao Hua’s mother.
“hear? people are talking about, as long as you do not go to her, she will not come to you, you would be willing to look after him, I’ll break your legs,” Xiao Hua’s mother spend Roar power and threat of recourse.
touches Xiao Hua’s father heard this, his own face some embarrassing, got an apology: “It is our parents did not clarify the situation, what the community thought his son was dubious individuals to seduce, today only ran., if my sister knew you home better grades than my son, so we are not reckless, there are always other way to solve the thing today is that we rude, we will first take the kids away. later We will discipline the boy, no longer harassed sister of your home. “
this Dangdie a lot of people, then gas can to love this thing, but it is the same couple that do not agree with the children love.
wronged in the eyes of Li Feng, Li watched it a little got three left their home.
, who walked away, Liu Chunmei directed at Bong angry Nose bridge broke out: “Bong, you are the dead girl, you give me the words clear why someone would catch us up downtown house kind of thing?”
fact, Lee would like to know a little thing in the end is how, but my mom did not want to get too excited, busy pulling mom sat down and then pulled Bong sit down, sit in the corner of his own, is just two among individuals, so it can avoid some physical contact, so that conflicts intensified.
“Well, phoenix sister, to date, also concealed from you anyway, simply tell her mother exactly listen to it so I can understand what in the end is how the same thing.” Lee Little Shuangshoubaoxiong fact today It’s something that she is very annoying.
“Xiao Hua was talking about me and friends, today we just hit the face on the street, it has not for a long time, he would come out to the mom and dad, tell me seduce Xiao Hua to bad, about to come to our house, how do I explain all did not have to use, because it is identified, even in our village called what they are asked to the village, I did not have choice but to take them to come. “Bong Distressed, at the moment the tears finally could not resist, Crashed do not want money to flow down.
“You’re not serious reading you did not have a boyfriend yet how would jump out Xiao Hua came when things ah????” Liu Chunmei very silent: obviously the results come up, watching the people properly, how will actually In love? And this was a house head Need parents who take the initiative to go to my sister house downtown, which if what kind of parents to do such things come ah?
“I do not know who his parents are always knew this is the case, I will, and he made it clear that, if he can not handle his parents, I would not talk to him about a friend’s” Bong feel wronged, in people on the street when the fox caught, entangled too do anything, and now with great difficulty gone, mother and angry. In rural areas, sixteen-year-old friend is not plenty to talk about thing? What is a good temper ah?
“Xiao Hua had told you about his parents? Xiaohua told his parents are the kind of person?” Lee little leisurely, as long as Bong idea being, this thing really is not difficult
223 commuting

little so I asked Lee, Bong’d also carefully recalled: “We had also talked to their home three brothers, above there are two brothers, one is mentally retarded, more than thirty years old and often light Ding run. still a married parents living together with him and he is to the family, always thinking he can read out the family line, so their home a better life. “
say, Lee little to understand: this house is Xiao Hua as the only hope. So to remove all obstacles may make this wish to stifle in the cradle of.
Liu Chunmei, it was not understood: “It stands to reason they are so poor family, his home, and if we Xiao Hua Feng good on, you should be very willing fishes ah, how will also come to downtown run it?”
Lee Little shrugged: “Look at the couple’s reaction, presumably because the two children are only sixteen years old, Xiao Hua score their home sound, which after two children know what the future is that they may be afraid of? After less than two children go good together, their home and delayed the child’s learning, not the last two dock, will such a big response chant “
“This is one sentence the truth.” Liu Chunmei thought, but also understand.
“If I always knew their families are like this, and I’m sure he will not be good” Bong shame and anger, blushing my arms tears.
“phoenix sister, your dad came back later, you still think about how your dad and explain it,” Liu Chunmei suddenly sighed and looked outside.
Bong winced, Dad most emphasis on the face, such a shame things today, do not know will not be scolded and even beaten it, “Li Feng, after you gave me remember if his parents agree to your face you contacts, you can not talk to Xiao Hua has dealings. girl should have self-esteem, people disregard the case, together with the future so if you get along with their parents will be stumbling, not happy. etc. If you are really admitted to the university, if there are two of you are thinking, when you talk about it, “little sister looked at some Tragic sighed cautioned.
“ah sister, I assure you, from now on, I tried to go to school, never talk about the object of the” early Bong experienced both ends of the emotional, the moment finally wake up, nodded to guarantee.
“words, while you talk with their father, I helped you say a few, scolded is indispensable, for it does not take a beating, so big sister, the fight does not look good.” Lee got a little sigh . A little while
李贵旺 beaming back, turned out to be below the reservoir with yellow boss on a good month supply of more than two extremely heavy fish, the price is more favorable, watching their pockets bulging day by day, how he would not happy?
see stiff standing in the living room and sat silently Bong Lee looked at his small, Li Guiwang lengleleng: “?? two sisters how to sit here in a daze a few good change.”
vegetables a day back, large deposit money directly to the bank, the small but tidy take back a few good after only a bundle with a rubber band strapped bundle, the next day only to save.李贵旺 I asked Lee a little laugh:. “Okay.”
“This is how the phoenix sister? still crying?” Li Guiwang finally from Paradigm for some tense action see the clues, look under Bong saw two large upper eyelid swelling.
“phoenix sister, not himself speak?” Liu Chunmei was distressed at this time since her daughter to encourage her frank.
Bong So things will talk again today.
listened to the words of Li Feng, Li Guiwang tightly screwed from the brow: “? vegetables outside the gossips who saw no”
“Now is the summer, gossips will come in the evening, I was not seen. if someone saw, namely vegetable journeyman watering everybody else.” Little explained.
“There are all the way along the bus ride back to the village it they certainly have seen the.” Liu Chunmei pick a word. After
李贵旺 brow tightly screwed up, hands behind his head down in the living room which started quickly picked up the pace, go back and forth back and forth seven times, suddenly rushed to the front step Bong Lee a little thought Dad to be hands-on, scared rushed forward to block.
Unexpectedly 李贵旺 did not mean to play a small daughter, separated by tiny shoulders, hands Bong directly referring to the nose tip, lowered his voice snapped: “You listen to me: If you do not follow this Yazi off , and you do not go to school, I immediately read the terms matchmaker to find a clear and immediately put you marry Well, okay? “
Li Guiwang ashen face and blunt tone frightened Bong, from junior high school after two daughters have, 李贵旺 always said her daughter grew up, has been three years without harsh words spoken with her daughter, let alone to face the fingers the warning.
Li Feng nodded: “my sister told me over, I was in college before I certainly would not talk about the object, then listen to my sister..”
“your sister talk about the object, because she has not read, you do not think your sister can talk about the object, you can talk, if you also want to talk about the object to get married, you do not read anymore, I do not disagree with you directly to marry I gave you prepare the dowry, but also try to make you marry a condition and all aspects of a good man who, way ahead of yourself, you give me think it over, think it over and then tell me that you in the end you have to What do “
Li Guiwang angry liver pain: little girl two years results year after year, people are looking at the long open, and his two daughters, one thought can make money, one can read, do not have to worry about their own future, but I did not realize there could be such a thing today appeared to come to warn people think of it ah shame Li Guiwang flying village life, not so shameful too, “Dad, why do not you give me one transfer it to talk to me, do not Tuition back bonuses, incentives thousand dollars of it, I went to one school, senior high school Baoqing go with him is not a school, rest assured you that, right? “Bong suddenly straighten the back, although still swollen eyes the tone is actually more than two minutes firm.
“You’re a high school Baoqing Baoqing Kazakhstan’s best high school, this thing if you leave, we talk of the town is the home of the wrong people seduce you do? you just admit this is something you should really do have that parts of the heart, you’ll stay in school Baoqing, honestly reading, those evil thoughts gave me close up, “Li Guiwang angry hopping.
Baoqing high school every year, there are fifty or sixty admitted to key universities, one in twenty year was over, however, this difference is how much? To this thing can give up the best high school yet? It is equal to half of the opportunity to give up on the key universities Bong no longer insist, but nodded: “I know that was wrong, then I must honestly, or I commuting after it anyway sister and her husband went to the city every day? in selling vegetables. train ride is also convenient to come back, we just go through the school gate. “
“commuting?” Li Guiwang lengleleng, looked at Lee Little, see little slight directed at his nod, just Deng Ming He also came to see Deng Ming He, Li Guiwang come to understand, “commuting on Ming He just commuting home He strongly than those teachers you? do not know if there is anything you can ask Ming Ho “
Deng Ming Li He looked a little smile look, nodded promise down without hesitation: “No problem, ah, if the commuting phoenix sister, what do not understand, I will teach you thing.”
“But listen high school are required to live on campus, and if I go forth to commuting, I do not know the teacher agreed to disagree.” Bong frowned, some distress.
“It’s something we have to go and the teacher, do not you worry.” Lee Bong down a little to appease hearts Things just set down.
originally Bong on high school school school earlier than normal, in order to prepare, Bong assigned key classes start one month in advance, and Deng Ming-Ho Bong Bong personally accompanied to enrollment, but also saw Bong teacher For the school’s first top student, teacher is very attention.
little and listened to Li Ming He Tang requests, teacher embarrassed: “We are implementing a closed-end management, if she was a person to commuting, a security issue, one night she could not study up on, and results will be will not fall? “
Deng Ming He stepped forward: “I came to counseling her power

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gentle into the bedroom, changed a loose clothes, summer round her head to take down the decorations, the plate with the hair down. Krupp gentle hand with his long hair, comb it. Summer round took a blue ribbon to tie.

speaking, there is a gentle quirks. Is at home, not like plate hair. Dressed like hair down.

Xia Xia Yao and standing in a shadow, the gentle summer shadow waved down blankly and said, “You have any idea of ​​summer movie, I noninterference I’ll give you a month’s time, another day for her thorough face, if not, I still have to take her palace. want you to remember. “made a mistake, absolutely can not commit a second mistake.

Xia Yao awe-inspiring, “Princess assured, then not. Sheriff, who found all the sites where the disposal, but I am still worried mansion hidden deep inside people did not dig. Sheriff, since we still have to be careful more is better. “

gentle nature know that the hospital could not dig out clean. Will work to defend their summer Yao. But really rely on, or themselves. After this one, the need to spend Spirit. Do not really into puppets that time, and was carried away with the line.

Tim spent an afternoon in summer time, everyone will say next, then collated to gentle sent. Gentle people write things looked basically leave a, dare swear betrayal. If betrayal, death under eighteen layers of hell, fried governed by crime. Many strange punishment recourse. Gentle look are all lamenting the Sheriff’s house talent pool.

gentle summer to add these things,cheap beats by dre, let the summer pass Tim’s own words, “the Princess said, remember your own words, if there is breach, death under eighteen layers of hell will not know, but will Let your living death. “

summer Tim agile hands. The next day brought a new room. Who received a palace, summer Tim took the man went gentle.

gentle got the message, pass words, look exhausted dinner. Look at these people what is not starting, but also be investigated holly work results on the outside.

looked gentle brought up six maidservants, six maidservants, there are honest, well-behaved, clever, tactlessness of. Gentle watching them, they want to know where Holly fancy “Princess ask you,cheap beats, what will?”

six people, a severe mental arithmetic; an abacus quickly and accurately, everyone can reach four Mr. accountant; one pair of color-sensitive; said memory is particularly good with a level never forget; a good dressing ; the rest is a winemaking family is out.

gentle listening, stunned. This is where to find her maid, this is simply looking for skills teacher Holly Well this woman, do what? She was starting to make her look smart people. She came to find these people what to do. In particular abacus mental arithmetic is, what does this mean.

gentle will doubt in my heart, they were taken to the core Mingjiao Xia Xia Zhu, Xia Yan, summer also (memory word homonym), clever summer, summer nine (wine word homonym). This can be seen, gentle indeed not take the name of talent. Yao hear the gentle summer to take the name, think his name is really thanks to Princess had spent a bit of thought, be the best name everyone inside.

temporarily under these six individuals placed in the hospital. Must first Tuning Tuning, and then observe observation.

summer movie for six people do not worry. Use their contacts to investigate the ins and outs of these six individuals. Fortunately, all clear vain, do not involve any conflict of interests. In particular, that a wine mother, has doubled miserable experience.

seventy-one: Trust

imperial government killed your Princess pass messages with people outside the private person, did not want to kill the hair sold border. This message, click on the spread out.

This is not someone pass the message out, but the body was carried away, off a look, it can be presumed not to inquire into.

salty blessing utero, Xianfei see outside pass over the news, sandalwood hands gently across five screens painted glass, “I did not expect, was silent for so long in order to clear the mansion of secret agents. really is beyond the palace expected. “really thought she was at ease waiting for the return of Wat Arun. The original intention was otherwise. Gentle act, always makes unexpected.

spend Joan beside the Road “Goddess, Princess really good means ah slaves before, really look down upon the gentle Princess, which can be called truly left the murder.”

Xianfei short laugh, “You see, the tip of the iceberg. her true ability, but also are hidden. etc. are all revealed all her skill, you would not say this is the case of.” full of scholarship, Wells Fargo’s only . Really show up, the world was shocked by it. But, Xianfei mind flashed doubts. This woman temper, people would be so easy to use.

spend Joan on one side, looking hesitant. Xianfei looked and said, “You have something to say.”

spend Joan That Road “Goddess, Zheng palace thing Ordinarily, should not be so. much we are spending the people, even being traced out, most will be off a bit. José As everyone all folded? slaves always feel strange. There is not there we do not know. “

Xianfei a lag, the cold channel “Are you saying Five hidden messages in this house?”

spend Joan kneeling on the ground, “the empress pacified, slaves did not mean it, but this thing really is extremely strange.” Zheng palace, all the placement into the secret agents, as if overnight, all but disappeared. And they plan to use only some of the people. But it is a gentle princess thing, fold all the people.

Xianfei a moment, “You’re right scruples which a strange thing. pass my order down, carefully inquire about the news. these things and not to let Five know.” Today, not only in the palace spy Zheng quickly unplug Even gentle Princess House, also inside and outside empty. Think to inquire into the message, tricky.

Su phase also pondering not open.

Su phase is around aides laughed, “Regardless of the cause. Sheriff finally no leniency. Zhengwang Highness for this, it is important to view seems risky move princes of this step is to go right.”

Su phase nodded “Indeed, it is easy to be broken soft-hearted defense, but I fear that will be gentle with Wat Arun from the rift. gentle child, because the child suffered, mind heavy, sensitive, suspicious temper. in case this thing, strained relationship with Wat Arun, Wat it for, it may outweigh the benefits. “

aide shook his head “no. Sheriff extraordinary intelligence, should be able to guess this is Xianfei drive a wedge between reuse, not as Xianfei wish. but I do not understand why it took Xianfei such a high price with this another way. “

Su phase lengran “The reason is very simple. ruined and allow them to vent their anger better. but they did not expect to be so calm and gentle handling emergencies. seems that last year, the gentle learned a lot.” now has a hundred percent affirmed, gentle not sick, but the emperor went quietly hidden temper.

off in cases of human government of King Zhou was the news, pole “Skiles, a cold-blooded thing that he want to be the crown prince, and we had to bounce back early demise.” contempt of long said Skiles is a ruthless unintentional things. He did it wrong. Zhao got this news, disdain “wimp they want to kill, kill. Maid had to find a substitute, to hide their own palace. Really useless.”

Mr Chong is preparing mouth, next to pre-empt another aide said, “Royal Highness say yes. gentle Princess Last personally kill, the message is blocked, this time simply to reward replaced by a maid, or the emperor down. speaking, this gentle hand Princess , playing beautifully. “

Zhao quipped “pretty? thought that all men are fools?” The people who know all know is her behind. Those people will only fool the ignorant fool. Really think that this is the Goddess of Mercy reincarnation of the dead girl. Purdue public body.

Mr Chong did not persuade them, he knew Zhao finds gentle is his nemesis. Gentle away, princes everything go smooth. Gentle Princess appeared, princes began lousy. So Royal Highness Princess grams him more determined. As long as the eradication of the Sheriff, he will be able to smooth over.

this thing, princes did not tell him much. He was afterwards himself to guess. He was helpless, these secret agents, not as a direct calculation dead Wat Arun. Not the Wat Arun, gentle Princess is again will be calculated and how she can fly to heaven. Unfortunately, Zhao, obsessions. Not the primary and secondary points.

Mr Chong listening to please another aide Zhao, said Sheriff hypocrisy and so gentle words. Heart sigh, even if all people know Princess camouflage, gentle Princess hypocrisy knows how, as long as the emperor believed gentle Princess is softhearted, pure and good heart. How to see how other people. Gentle Princess, to capture the essence.

of foreign people, but it is to send a message. Zheng thing happened in this palace, the impact on the gentle princess too. Because this was calculated was almost lost their lives lost boudoir reputation, prompting Sheriff gentle temperament great changes.

emperor got the news, stunned, “Wen Bao, you said this girl, how the idea, with the average people do not like it?” said she relented, the next thing to do is not soft-hearted. Say relented, obviously it is not too soft-hearted temper. Even the emperor himself some scratching gentle pulse.

Wen Gonggong smiling road “emperor, Princess of ideas on how minions do not know, but minions know, Princess of the emperor is a sincerity of heart.”

emperor listened laughed a little “gentle send much benefit to you, helping you so that silly girl talk about things.”

Wen Gonggong know the emperor is actually popular with words, so everybody laughed like a Buddha, eyes squint too invisible “Emperor, you are not do not know. Sheriff generous only to the emperor, wants what is good the emperor. others, Sheriff push lightly, but it was stingy again, that a good thing, not only into. minions where this blessing, slaves did not even benefit the Princess silk hair get over here. “

derogatory words surface is gentle, but it is full of ten to secretly praise. Gentle praise of the emperor’s filial piety.

emperor listened, and she laughed very comfortable.
Some tricks occasional gentle emperor
how could not know. But, are some innocuous thing. Gentility of his heartfelt respect and love, this filial piety, she was able to get a feel. Very affixed his heart.

afternoon, the emperor reward of ten men to Princess House. This gentle renowned for ten people, looks not very outstanding, watching all the duty parts.

gentle looked thin, eyes full review of color. This ten people, in the end is doing. David looked like a dark, nor is it great master. Emperor grandfather gave him ten servants to do? What is the use.

ten people look pale against the gentle calm, no formality of a color. The more gentle eyes squint smaller. Ask them and what good. Ten people say no.

gentle habitually met do not know something, temporarily first doubt in my heart. Think yourself thin. Tim then waved them temporarily in the summer outside the hospital. And other familiar later, and then look in the end what is good, better distribution of work.

gentle summer Yao let go, she should be quiet for a while. Xia Yao gone, gentle sat down on a chair. Against the chair and closed his eyes.

Xia Yao on the outside, such as less than half an echo. Gently walked, into a bedroom, gentle and opened his eyes.

gentle summer Yao looked and looked for a long time, and finally a chaise longue hands clasped handrails, “Xia Yao, I do not like power, I do not care high. If I can, I want to live in seclusion.” gentle say it sentence, voice trembled a little. She bet. As long as she does not bet more to the bottom line of the emperor grandfather, Yao Xia will stand by her side.

Xia Yao whispered cry of “Princess ……” behind her, she did not say it, but she believes the Sheriff know that this is impossible.

gentle shaking his head, “I know, that’s just wishful thinking, I already innings, unable to get out of the summer and Yao, you say, if there is no shelter emperor grandfather, I was not bullied and have become everyone’s orphan , you can be free to crush the ants. “gentle voice hoarse and rough.

Xia Yao shocked, see gentle looking very calm, gentle eyes. She soon came to understand her “Princess But something told as long as the summer Yao can do, summer Yao will not live up the expectations of the Sheriff.”

gentle holding the handrail, his eyes looking through the window to the outside of the clear blue sky, “Yao Xia, you with me so long, should look out, I can not wholeheartedly trust a man. than I do not want to believe, but afraid I’m afraid I believe the future is in exchange for betrayal I experienced a lot of betrayal, I was once desperate to want to die free. did not experience people do not know the kind of suffering more dead than alive. “

Xia Yao kneeling Road “Princess students, Xia Yaosheng. Princess dead, Yao Xia dead.” Kengkeng floor, throw throw sound.

gentle shaking his head, “I do not need you with the total death, I just hope you can help me, mirror on Stronghold something wonky, I want to have their own strength and I do not want to become a useless time pawn, after being discarded fancy rubbing abuse. “

Xia Chen Sheng Yao replied, “Yao Xia Princess needs to do, despite the orders.”

gentle attitude Yao Xia looked abnormal firm. Anxiety and worry hearts finally eased. Whatever the future, this moment, Xia Yao gave her commitment to “Summer Yao, my temper you know, I’m not interested in those things, I assure you, I will never more the bottom line will not let you do embarrassing things I just want to have enough power to protect themselves. “She should have its own forces to protect themselves.

Xiayao Li replied that “Princess assured that I will do my best to help the Sheriff, but the Sheriff, this is not an overnight thing can be done.” at least have a few years time.

gentle reveal a bleak smile, “I’m in no hurry, I just want to drop a peace of mind.”

Xia Yao glance, this thing was really frightened Princess “Princess, temporarily out of things to Holly. Sheriff’s house has been cleaned once. Teach these people can become Princess of diehard. emperor reward down ten servants, Princess can they develop into their henchmen. “

gentle slopes truthfully say “Summer Yao, thank you.”

Xia Yao smiled and said, “Sheriff, I have experienced the kind of betrayal. unforgettable and I would never betray Sheriff’s do the next thing. really embarrassing things, I’ll tell Princess Let Sheriff own choice.”

gentle exposed relieved smile.

Title: Geng Tian Wangfu Author: demon net ISBN 2163572

Description: drunk woke up, became twelve silver bought wife. How to do? Small farm wife? By chance, have a pot of gold Xuan Su, happy entrepreneurs better off. Others envy, jealousy and hatred, and I shall Happy Different World.

second volume seventy-two: Operational Plan

seventy-two: Operational Plan

Mr Chong Zheng palace things had been in doubt. He asked conceal “Royal Highness, the empress had arranged for the play, in the end is what is intended. Was not something to hide.”

Zhao After careful thought, thinking of his own biological mother’s temper, which will certainly have a strange thing. Immediately into the Palace “mother Princess, why would use that same day in another way, which in the middle, is not there something did not tell me? Mother Princess, you tell me, so I feel a good number.”

Xianfei looked at him, and have a quite a while and said, “gentle, you can not move.”

Zhao heard this, his eyes flashed coldness. Sure enough, this girl has a weird: “Mother Princess, why not move?”

Xianfei slightly sighed, “You do not know them and you just know, gentle not move. later never want to move her.” Xianfei not know, Zhao got so dark, in addition to gentle. If you know, she would certainly have taken

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A person to escape, but then the fire children, said: “Do not eat him.”
“Why? Why?”
Zhou Ying Yu Nan look, added the sentence: “Do not eat, forget it.” He knows the South plume of mankind has a very special feeling, so reluctant to fire people eat in front of her children.
fire very unhappy child asked: “Why why why???” He could not say what the reason to,cheap beats.
“I quit, I want to eat!” fire children can not accept the reasons this is not a reason, adhere to eat that person.
“fire children.” South feather gently call.
“Why?” fire plume children liked the South, that she must stand on their side, “Do you think I should eat, right?”
“fire children, I am reminded of a story about the beast, and you want to hear?”
“story.” fire children stare immediately. In its liking loving story in the first row, eating monster in second place, play in third place, bullying ranked fourth, fifth row to sleep, when it comes to eating in its hobby in barely into the top ten, it can not be compared, and listening to stories.
“Hear, hear!” up to its understanding of the monster in the story of Liu Yu in the South, Liu to two hundred reluctant to talk about it, to hear his story must be utilized coercion, South plume is actually very happy to talk about it But she usually busy, a rare story time, and now she took the initiative to talk about the story of the fire children immediately relented.
car thieves hand injuries that were still holding hands wail, his voice around the tenants moved, there are several windows appear after prying eyes.
“Zhou Ying, here to you.” Nan Yu Zhou shadow smile, Xianghuo child says, “That was five hundred years ago, I was with my two disciples, going across the Yellow River to the north …… “She said as she walked into the house, fire children craned their necks to listen to, unwittingly followed her into the house, who’s going to forget to eat a clean.
really is there a way to feather the south, both let the fire children give up eating plan, it was not any angrily noisy. Zhou Ying Yu Nan looked back for a moment, then started working for the car thieves wounded, took him and another car thieves memory changes together, and then drove downtown to throw them,cheap beats by dre, while busy while lamenting, semi- nights later, then he did not take the slightest bit of work, it seems that the losses are not small. He drove the car could not help think that the behavior of these car theft is clearly more aggressive, and today this blatant assault steal vehicles, thanks to their election on their own, if human drivers, which look dead in their hands yet?
“Oh ……” Zhou Ying sighed, opened the window, shut the car theft were used to stab his dagger thrown out.
※ ※ ※
Sun Jian Ye detachment came to office, knocked on the door, there are voices ranging went straight into the door, the ceremony also disrespectful, sat opposite leaf detachment. He knew this must inevitably have to endure a good meal curse, it willy-nilly, and cursed together suffered a minor criticisms count finished.
“Humph!” Interpol detachment commander leaves are 40-year-old man Heishou, if not uniformed, looks more like a living farming more redneck, just a pair of eyes, has fiercely staring at the Sun Jian, people felt scared. Quite a while to ask: “Well, these days they do a good thing?”
“check case yet.”
“check case?” leaf detachment a pound the table, “is clearly not the case you tube check what kind of strength!”
“I is not checked.” Sun Jian does not talk back a little.
“a punishment.”
“write checks!”
“good reflection!”
anyway regardless of leaf detachment what to say, Sun Jian is a word, a leaf detachment grabbed a cup to drink, mediocre minds gas added: “Sun, you are willing to work hard to solve the case is a good thing, but this time you break the Woe too know? “
“know that I have sinned against the senior cadres.”
“I do not mean this.” leaf detachment sighed, “Sun, your talent is indeed superior skill, but your temper too ……” he said and sighed here, do not go on Sun Jian was “too” how samples.
“too stubborn and too headstrong arbitrary, too act recklessly.” said Sun Jian for him.
“you know.”
“leaf detachment, I cheated to the vice squad, you told me that the first thing is what?” Sun Jian looked at him said, “You did not say what was ‘serving the people’ Yeah, ‘law enforcement’ Yeah like Mandarin, you said to us in the future ‘justice’ before I leave, you forget it? “
“Justice, justice, you do not have to mention it on eight hours a day!”
“does not mention the place where? assured there? downright genius to know that you are in the maintenance of justice, and now things in the world not to do so, saying that is not also a ……” He simply hum the song come to leaf detachment saluted, “I went back to write checks.”
“Stop!” He just went to the door, he lived roar leaf detachment, Sun Jian and leaf detachment turned on the TV for a while, leaf detachment sighed and said:? “You think I do not want to break this case.”
Sun Jian did not speak.
“I do not want to?” leaf detachment suddenly reached for a draw, put the whole thing on the desktop Xilihuala sweep to the ground, “seven stolen vehicles, two hundred thirty-six, 15 drivers were seriously wounded! I do not want to solve the case?! “He looks unassuming come first serve fire, that no longer looks like a farmer.
“That …… that ……” Sun Jian simply say, “Why arrange Chen, vice squad to investigate, who does not know that he was ‘his’ people! let him continue the investigation, the case can not break a hundred years!”
“You think I’m afraid of those officials stress?”
“I do not know.”
“You do not, and I’m angry, I tell you, if I was willing whereabouts of their sycophant, dry deputy mayor five years ago, and will nest here by your kid’s gas! tell you the truth of it, I sent the Vice investigation team has been the case in the dark. “
Sun Jian’s face lit up.
“OK, you do not Guannameduo, in short, to investigate the case, but definitely not your kind of investigation method, you do so only to arouse his suspicions.” leaf detachment as waving like flies.
“Do not rush me and walked, leaves the team, I can help, I do something?”
“You want to do is go back and write checks! immediately go!” leaf detachment pound the table, like a smoke Sun Jian immediately disappeared.
Sun Jian graduated from the renowned university law, the dream is to become a judge or prosecutor, the most conservative choice is to be a lawyer, his life was supposed to be and Interpol take a share of this career. Every leaf detachment for his blunder blamed him: “!! You are a policeman why you think with the mind only when the police”, he’ll think about it back saying: “I was deceived to come!”
he really cheated come.
graduation year comes Lixin Sun Jian city government agencies to recruit staff, apart from anything else he would register for the examination of the court. To play a spot of his achievements and he ranks among the top six can be confident (then recruit places six people) at one hundred sixty-seven applicants, but the results to be published when they do not have his name, which gives His fight is not small, being frustrated sigh when they inadvertently Interpol recruit standings simultaneously discovered his name, but also topped the list. When he repeated twenty times the candidates identified number, name, sex, age, identity card number, after all is correct, his chin almost fell off, which is how it?
results to be published from the date within 20 days to the Sun Jian City Hall, next to the vice squad, what test management leadership team (after the end of the examination the temporary formation of the group disbanded in fact, to go to more than ten different departments in order to find its members), Personnel, Organization Department, the Department of Education, notary …… etc. All units find it again, took their lives under the blue sky spirit, that we finally figured out what causes: a mistake – At that time the staff responsible for the candidates to enter computer data somehow went wrong, put a dozen people entered the court registration refer to the list of persons to apply for the vice squad went.
others are easy to handle, though mistaken, but their scores from the admission line Mom, do not be taken into account, but only to allow the recruitment unit headache up Sun Jian, his outstanding results, even in the courts of the candidates are also among the best, let him so he went to the vice squad certainly do not want to let him go to court it, the Court has already admitted six people there is a need to be eliminated, would have eliminated the last one is the most equitable way – if the court admitted the sixth Not exactly the words of a senior official of the relatives – then through the pressure superiors, was forced to explain to the judge Bianxiang Sun Jian Sun Jian did say the words: “to the vice squad bar, there is also good – at least Grants better than us. “
“That was the vice squad, I am a frail scholar to go there instead of waiting for criminals to clean it? only their lack of security, but also to the country trouble ah.”
“We read your data, you are not from the primary school of martial arts, have over the province’s champion?”
“is now equipped with multiple advanced criminals, who are afraid of martial arts!”
“went to give you a revolver – not to say that every time you are shooting in the playground playground boss won the cry yet, rest assured, almost pistols and air guns.”
“This also know that you are a detective agency or court ah – I do not care, I was learning the law, apply the court, you can not let me be diverted.”
“The police are the first line of the implementation of the law, how such a law suit your outstanding student ah.”
Sun Jian then realized how much eloquence as a good judge, “I do not care, the error is that you can not allow me to accept the consequences.”
“Well, to tell you the truth it ……” This judge simply to hide the real issues behind out exactly say, “…… you know, the above is that he will never let you put the top down – the other passengers because the child was admitted to the court are invited several times, they also afford to lose the face to say the least, even if you come in hard, even after …… “
then also inexperienced deep in Sun Jian heard this, they walk away Xiangyebuxiang gone. Now he is again in retrospect, the judge was telling myself that way, is to want him so angrily leave it.
abandoned the intention to become a judge, Sun Jian wanted to simply go to a private law firm to find a job as a lawyer after lawyer’s license test calculations. At this time, police detachment detachment was looking leaves on him.
remember playing on the TV in a cartoon theme is “justice,” Sun Jian was being addicted to that of the films, the results of a pair of leaf detachment, he said:. “For justice, the police do it,” the blood of innocence DAI has embarked on a “pirate ship.” Perhaps it was the detachment of the child leaves, leaf detachment I even watch cartoons are also maybe, anyway, he used as a way to easily put a belly reluctant Sun Jian caught the vice squad.
※ ※ ※
“! fooled me,” Sun Jian roared in my heart, “and on TV when the police simply do not like lifting documents say: ‘You’re under arrest, you can remain silent ……’ What’s on the line, nor is it in maintain justice …… what should be hit! I’ve had enough! Ye Jianhua you fox! “
TV drama group to resist the big guy while he attacks, to seize a person as a weapon chains, forced area, homeopathic leg kick in the lower abdomen on the other side, it is a leaf detachment when the kick, a punch and then hit back Green Another Han’s eyes, but also when it is playing Ye Jianhua.
seven or eight people around the Sun Jian, and other weapons in the hands of all, Sun Jian skill is good too difficult to cope with, and he began to vent anger while four chaos aim, ready to get out. A car suddenly rushed over from the other end of the alley, it is also not entangled in the crowd before going to slow down, the group had scattered to escape the Han, the car went straight in the Sun Jian side stop.
“on the train.” shadow head out for weeks.
actually waiting for him to call, Sun Jian has quickly got into the car, seeing that Han car speeding away, had to stomp in place.
“should no longer chase gunfire was like a little gangster film.” Sun Jian looked back, not without regret.
“Thank you for riding the vehicle, the vehicle license plate number: XX00544, now is the day, charging ……” Sun Jian would not finish, more unpleasant voice sounded. He reached by the meter stops, Zhou Ying to see him, and press down.
“You people are not stingy in general, are so familiar, you have received my money!” Sun Jian accused him.
“cooked?” Zhou Ying and how much he does not feel familiar. He saw the fire children clamoring to put him in grilled true.
Sun Jian in the car looked at myself in the mirror bruises of the face, while inhaling: “These guys Zhenhen ah!”
“you often fight with others?” Zhou Ying know him soon, but it is already the second time I saw him like this.
“rarely fights, it touches people often beat.” Sun Jian frankly.
“You’re not the police?”
“before the police beat, ah, you say you never wanted to beat the police?”
“Ha ha ha ha, do not be afraid, I do not mind, I’m not the kind of deceptive to right scum.” Sun Jian Zhou Ying misunderstood the meaning of how he kept himself upright and selfless said, the law impartially.
“They chase.”
“What?” Sun Jian puzzled.
“behind.” Zhou Ying concise, back a finger.
five motorcycle carrying those Tahan, forward Zhou Ying car chase. On a busy road, it is difficult to improve the speed of vehicles, motorcycles, but can be interspersed between the car and the car, sped forward.
“playing police also fills dare to play catch up the road, I too admire them.” fire child lying on the window looking back, said excitedly, “We always took the prisoner ran, police in the back chase, and now we pulled into a police ran after him prisoner, too funny. shadow, you then open Come on. “
fact, those who did not dare to actually do in the downtown area, but it is near or far followed Zhou Ying car.
“open to the vice squad, to see if they dare to chase.” Sun Jian said angrily, “even so arrogant.”
Zhou Ying obedient to turn around in the direction of the vice squad open, open for a while, Sun Jian look behind the people still follow, but said: “No, to the team I got you in trouble, which they stare Your day will be sad, or find a place to put me down, you drive yourself brisk walking, “he paused, looking like Zhou Ying did not hear continue driving, suddenly climbed into his ear shouted:.” I call your parking! This is Hello, you hear? “
“Interpol team immediately went to.”
“in the end you have to understand me? I mean ……”
“They go.” said Zhou Ying looked at the rearview mirror. Sure enough, the people who come to see the vice squad chase in front, one turn left.
“! Do you have trouble, you” a heavy beat Sun Jian Zhou Ying asked: “? insured the car no”
“did not hurry on, such as lost pay after the insurance company to find new, do not expect to find.”
Sun Jian’s eyes looked at him with disbelief: “You are not particularly mentally tough ah, so are calm and let me tell you, those people are car theft group..”
Zhou Ying said to myself: “Of course I know that they’ve stolen me four times.”
“These should not have to tell you, but did not care so much – they are not the usual crime syndicates, there is a big back, so it is difficult to police short-lived fad but since they are, after just the thing for your car No. They must remember, you wait for them to retaliate you! “
“Oh.” Zhou Ying nodded.
“You do not seriously! look at me, I’m a policeman let them play with the pig-like!

cheap beats headphones

A cumbersome, to negative people do not knock the sap cudgel easy to use, and occasionally when a brick or something touches okay. “Ran Li Xun for his little mind, but see very clearly, Pieliaopiezui, with some small little resentment proud to say, pick up a cherry red handed in the past, obviously hit a stick to a sweet date Well ~ ~ ~ ~
Oh, she really liked that own half shell carefully selected Apple phone, unfortunately, there is no network, but also just beginning fashionable even pagers, cellular phones and more are showing off the rich props, and even cell phone signals are also several years to roll out of it, it would only buy a few days of “advanced” phones, of course, can only lie in the cupboard rest.
? (? _?)?
who gave the house to put a word to say dumb children laugh, especially Fan Zhonglin comrades, is this sentence children to choke straight rolling his eyes, took the cherry stuffed in his mouth, mumbling vague, said: “board Brick children? do not ask you how much money this tile? tens of thousands of them have expensive tile hum it? “
“But a lot of trouble na big and stupid, the signal is not good, you have not seen this kind of stuff all over the floor holding on Chuliu find a signal man? roar of fear that other people do not know his ears so bad like …… ah, that cherry good, Mom, next time do two cherry trees come back, our family to eat their own kind, definitely better than this. “
Li Xun then lift the eyelid with no direct all barge back, do not give Fan Zhonglin stay face, but added the cherry to talk about this big brush opened his eyes, big eyes are twinkling little stars. Just back last words of this child, “tile” when Fan Zhonglin feel fresh, holding sister gave him a call, the resulting signal is poor, but he was transferred in Lee’s yard for a long grinding mill, Youhou known as the only clear expression of greeting meaning, in fact obviously wanted him to buy a sister to him it hum ……
Qikai muzzled children giggled, leans his head buried in his chest awkward going in the Fan Zhonglin ear children, with everyone audible voice, said: “Well, you do not know this girl’s temper ah? she does not like this kind of thing disturb her quiet, and just arguing with you, but this girl iQue days, and quickly transferred into a vibrating bar, carefully our Miss Li Da anxious to put your pager also thrown out. “
“oh, girl is very fierce now, we still do not mess with her is wonderful.” Fan Zhonglin Congjian touches such as flow, immediately nodded obediently tune into the hands of the pager vibration mode, his face still with It is a serious expression, can steal a look Ran Li Xun, when the eyes but it has obviously joking smile.
Li Xun simply contingent on such things as not to hear, rock solid poised to continue to eat her cherry, but also enjoy the look of expression, was secretly Fufei said: fierce it? I’m more than smart, considerate, cute, flowers, see flowers ah? No taste ……
side plug nickname painstaking children playing funny children frolic what subjects, the time seemed not too fast, but things are not so hard as they passed, and finally mingled eaten lunch, Li Xun then positive Dad took a nap ready to go, I heard the home phone bell rang, the original notice Jianjun School children in the afternoon to open the General Assembly, Li Xun was secretly sighed then, it is that some did not buckle in the spirit.
until finally coming to an afternoon after work hours, Lee never smoked and then boil it no longer have to pull hard pull of the dead with a lengthy and warm shallow Sophie can not pick Jianjun, warm light of a soft laugh and cry in the press her couch on, look strange and asked: “Xiao Xun, ah, you in the end how your dad would be nothing to open, to have any thing to say why are you even pick him there is little follow-week and Richie,??? and no compound children, in the end you worried about? “
“……” Li Xun then opened his mouth,cheap beats, speechless, ah, worried about themselves in the end what? Dad has made over his temper this morning, have not seen a big thing, but evidently also in peace mom and lengthy, worried about their own in the end what ah? Everything is not what is good ……
may at this time, a telephone call at home suddenly rang, Lee Hoon then suddenly heart thump loudly, subconsciously think this phone is not a good thing prospective, have some stiff body, warm shallow Sophie was also scared hop, looked at her pale little face that moment, his heart beating too scarred, swallowed spittle strong self-calm, a little trembling hand he took the telephone receiver, voice quivering feed a cry, then, it shocked, it took a while before long out of breath.
“…… Well, I know, rest assured, I can help you contact the hospital, should be no problem, a small river Heaven helps a good man, do not have a thing for the little lip,cheap beats by dre, ah, you do not worry, you have a panic to let two kids how to do ? your children can get hold of God, what is the thing you and I have a brother too. well, I’ll call. “
put the phone down tube, soft warm light while turning the phone book, while a frown came over with Ran Li Xun said: “You little uncle fainted this morning, vomiting, bleeding to the hospital said that now only the blood, no big problem, but you still do not trust their aunt’s small hospital there, going to the General Hospital here to check again. “
“…… Oh, can small capital uncle got a good check and nursed back to health is certainly a good look, they all moved to do it, but I think the little uncle must be drinking too much alcohol, will hurt the stomach, over the sudden it out, he takes a strong cow-like, quasi-all right. “
Li Xun then long out of breath, my heart big stones together finally off the ground, although some unkind, which transferred to the small vomiting thing uncle who he was kinda glad, but he really is a very, very strong This little thing is simply not small problems, but it does fit abstinence thing for some years ahead, it is in a good thing.
warm shallow Sophie accurately hear the words in her daughter’s gloating, snappily children stare Ran Li Xun glance, Actually, I countered, also, this is indeed a small river to drink alcohol every few days forever, normal stomach hurt But …… “smelly girl you uncle then hurt you, you actually still gloating? heartless Well you thought to the capital so easy ah? Changan home, big easy, your uncle so little stronger talent does not come yet.”
“Cut ~ ~ a at a code I know he hurt me, but he drank no wine to fill, but also hit anyone, so after playing his son’s wife, sober and then apologize, if I had terrible aunt , has long been bullied him dead, “Lee Hoon then put down a large stone in mind, of course, is the whole body relaxed, and immediately began to do something for them for their aunt.
Puchi, warm shallow Sophie just laughed, shook his head helplessly, lamenting sound with a smile: “You said you do not look at your aunt say pathetic, but what time they sparred her husband and two eat the loss of? is not your uncle hit too badly battered little? then wait for him to sober lesson plus yards child meal?’s you can talk to your aunt school, the girls want to go gentle dough, too aggressive bad, you know? “
“No, no, they both strike called sticky fun fooling around. Besides, women such as water, to be able Variety fishes, when the soft soft, hard, when you have that hard up. on with you like, you look at your Deng Yanjing, my dad who has changed so inspiring puss, and more powerful ah Well, Mom ~ ~ You better go give a call, I took a lengthy go to the yard to play. “
Li Xun then flashed a small head, covered Relax a big lazy stretch waist, in warm shallow soft red blush shy rebuke gaze, pulling aside grinning Lee leisurely children turn out, in order to escape the gentle old lady Education ** .
hear the sound of the front door key, Li Xun and the small contingent greeted lengthy together, obviously some dark Jianjun goes taut face, to see his baby son and daughter smile when it relaxed involuntary mouth brought back, his eyes bent the Crescent Moon, Lee leisurely behaved sensible not require hug, but stepped forward to grasp his father’s big hand little finger and began talking about his twitter explore new discovery, and began one hundred thousand Why game.
“Dad does not seem very happy, in the end how is it?” Kay Lee Hoon then conspire together around children, muffled sound inquire message.

Chapter 207 near misses

Li Xun then goes looking for his own father worried face, listening to her faintly changed the tone of the questioning, Qi Kai was secretly nodded, this girl’s family to the heart of this concern, and she is his favorite place.
sighed slightly, Qi Kai lowered his voice, it was some emotion, said: “Nothing, that is, there are a lot of people were asked to retire early or retired, there has been transferred, the hospital personnel were children inside some changes Oh, yes, you know that Leiru Ping’s father was also a request for early retirement. heard seems to be at a certain time when the meeting say what not to say, then, hey, Ouyang Father had warned us, do not let us say, it really is wise. “
“Oh …… That is of course an old house, a treasure Well that’s a lifetime of lessons learned Father.” Li Xun then suddenly nodded, agreed with a sigh, a cry, a father will understand this state, Perhaps it is some kind of physical injury, after all, the majority of these people are not large, there is supposed to be 10 years of work to do it Unfortunately, ah, now …… watch them one by one by the wayside, no matter who the mood are not too good. Her lips did not say what, but my heart does not agree Pielepiezui.
this kind of thing is not taken for granted it? In the wave of political turmoil among the initiative’s come out, ultimately the wrong team, of course, will be brushed down, they should be glad that is now in the new China, and if the previous feudal dynasty when maybe we try to What the whole clan of it right now, but that is lost, it will not hurt their lives, and that Father Lei also participated in the liberation war of the old **, the treatment will not change anything to go there, retire early child What is bad?
calamity because the multiple openings, chosen by strong early troubles.
wisdom na
Besides, Li Xun then still wondering if the father wishes, but also wanted him to retire early child enjoy enjoying it at home does not need the money now, not just her royalties on less, but also most of them are foreign currency , more attention to the note rate, a good time to do something to catch up with what’s investments, in fact, there is no need to worry about life, but also had very comfortable. Well …… It appears unlikely, however
, Dad recuperate these years are now finally the body any better, it is high-spirited and energetic time, and certainly do not want to listen to her stupid idea.
but ……
“hey, you say Leiru Ping, director of the police station positions will not be affected?” Our family’s Win Lots Spicy headquarters in his segment child in it this town there is a police station, you can It is not as good as the magistrate children now control it even with the relationship 雷如平 general, if you really have that trouble children can also be a little biased thing.
Qi Kai smiled, glanced Li Xun then a heart secretly Fufei with this little Grinch, he knew this girl will ask this, it really does not leave “should not be one at a code, I’ve heard their home Father and the old lady’s body are extremely good, as long as these two elderly people, they should have little effect. this as people in the human, you know? “
“ah, hey, that’s a relief.” Ran Li Xun Buddies smile, a heavy nod, anyway we are well aware of this thing, do not take anything to hide. Now that this matter will not affect their own business, then no longer take care of her, and walked toward the living room pulling Qikai walked.
dinner, accompanied Jianjun Li Xun then walk in the yard, looking at the blooming gardenia, Jianjun it is somewhat strange silence, eyes distant but uncertain, I heard, but also secretly inclined to take his eyes from time to time on a sigh askance Ran Li Xun around children’s classmates, little goes scar face, obviously reads: Melissa ~ ~ you ~ ~ I feel bad father to comfort me, to comfort me ……
After a long while, has been accompanied by Li Xun at his side and then it is as if the bear does not come to this pitiful puppy eyes in general, and it is simply fitted out sigh, her eyes Gululu a turn, a hook mouth , was secretly funny, hand pulled Jianjun sleeve, but his head and reverence distressed at his father’s eyes, said:. “Dad, I have something you want to see.”
“Oh? well, you get it.” hearts Changran Jianjun, secretly secretly touched a sweat, my heart secretly Fufei with their baby girl amazing power of forbearance, which are more than half a day, and finally there is a response, but also somewhat surprised, I do not know what this girl can come to, how Actually, I’m asking, nodded his head, pretending to do not care to say.
Li Xun contingent smiling trot own bedroom, pretending to look for things like the bookcase, take out the “Sword” manuscript from space, this manuscript is based on her computer to download the original novel, and later TV made some changes, basically drama as a benchmark, the end of the original novel deleted, and he made a little bit of added drama after feeling better, which she watched over and over again in the computer the disc comes out, more than ready to copy out the “Harry Potter” series more carefully and fruitless.
and this is long before she is ready to be used at this point to change of mood Jianjun things she liked this drama, looked not know how many times, always felt that it should come up at this time is very appropriate , divert a good mood.
“” Sword “? your latest work it? Oh, your” Harry Potter “not finished yet, right? do not delay the publication of the time just fine.” Li Jianjun looked at his daughter with a brush to write out special title, it is proud to say that said, while it intends to preview it.
Ran Li Xun Hey smile, hand leaning on their father’s arm, nodded, said:. “rest assured, rest assured that the thing can not be wrong, and we slowly back to the house to see.”
“My baby doll is really good skill,” Li Jianjun more back very straight, proud and proud of taking the study went well on its way with just Nama sad and sentimental, already do not know where to go fly , to see such high spirits father, Li Xun then could not help but warm my heart burst.
poor parental love ah, it seems that they want the right, no matter what, the father can affect mood, but also this is their baby daughter, so good, so good, as long as Dad happy enough, as What does not copy the copy, have long been indifferent ~ \\ (???) / ~ la la la
Lee had some depression, deep atmosphere, and it was this “Ran Li Xun latest masterpiece” to break up. Have to say, in fact, Li Jianjun is the backbone, as long as he’s in a good mood, so Lee’s atmosphere will be good, but this past life has swept many novels, just let him become exceptionally sunny mood brilliant it.
“Mom, Dad, he in the end why the mood is not good?” secretly glanced positive nest on the sofa reading a novel Comrade Li Jianjun, Li Xun then  Y a  Y warm shallow soft sleeves, low voice asked .
warm shallow Sophie smiled, some frustration, but also some proud to say: “Your father wants to those martyrs who sacrificed their lives in this thing of donated some money, but they can not find other people’s information, so the mood not very good. want me to say that he is busy doing all right, they have to arrange the country, certainly not ill-treated, not the kind of thing he should pipe, his heart is also clear, however, but this effort is not to . “
“Oh …… Actually …… I think it is really not a good time.” Li Xun then nodded, no longer say anything, anyway, now old

cheap beats by dre headphones

Chu beside a white looked a far red,cheap beats by dre, his heart mixed feelings, already can not tell what it feels like. He decided today must have time to ask his father, his mother knew then what it is feeling. Chu may be a white felt tempted, but had been too busy to track down those who have not noticed.
Chu old man accepted two of red bow sitting in the hall of the original anteroposterior, in a white Chu stupidly, he has to get up to greet people who came to congratulate the. Chu a white swim look around, looking for a long time only to find his father —- now is certainly not a good time to ask what’s in the crowd, he could only endure it. Chu looked white and red, do not know why suddenly feel a heartbeat like a drum: Before you just do not feel that way. Chu found a white because his heart thing, there is this trance like, standing there without saying do not move into a meditation: he has this thought is not sorry flat Princess it?
Xi Chu and one white woman still standing there not moving, are not funny:? “My bridegroom children, ritualists sing it twice into the bridal chamber, and you want to send or not send ah, that looks like the bride , but also a new room to see ah. “
hi po this jokingly. Heke roared, everybody mess shouted:. “Bride in here to see it, here lifting the veil it.”
Jing’an far looked a red wedding dress, he felt that such a glaring red in color, could not help but turn too far to go. Jing’an watching the ins and outs of Heke, then look over the government’s festive dress,cheap beats, his mind an acid: Why Wang sister would do so Bitter? After the announcement of the world that this marriage is false, let her how to handle? How come these Heke face today? Wang Mei really can deal down?
Chu a white somewhat embarrassed by people leaving up: Although he had a lot of women, but this is the first time married. But no trace of red stood change. Chu’s eyes swept the red and one white, when his heart suddenly settled down. He could imagine that, under the faint red hi Pa look to the face. Red indifferent seems flooded her body, gave Chu a white strange feeling at ease. between
Chu white Yisha resumed his place chic suave. A hand to people facing the booing: “We invite came in front of a white wedding feast will stay with you..”
said then gently pull the pull red silk. Red to indicate a new house with him. But red is not himself walked over land. Hi another woman approached her on her own. Has sent her to the bed and the comfort of their new home ground hi good.
Chu a white did not stay in the room to make more. Not too much, eyeing the room. Although the name of two of his way to the room with the red. But in fact there will be red in the future bedroom. Chu also read the books of sages to white people. Evil in words he certainly knows. A woman should not be boudoir he had come. After he was forced to come hastily said loudly: “I went to my sister in front of the first to call out the comfort of their guests..” Would like to be chased a rabbit quickly gone. When he was out of the room seemed to give up. He turned his head and looked at it from a new house go.
spend Mother and four children cloth course with the room. Mother Chu a white flower go as urgent. Feel very funny: “chor this man really is interesting.” Said one side of the head to one side to remove the red hi Pa:. “Princess your child breathe it total draped it is also very boring.”
red woke up it was going to toss to toss. Look no room holds many lessons for others. Only their own people in front of the palace to serve with. They got up first and stretched. Then went to the table to take a drink of tea.
spend Mother quickly robbed in the past: “Princess slower you drink Laonu to give you just can not drink tea to socialize for a while even if a lot of people do in case the princess would not be anxious. .. .. Xiuren? “
red laughed: “Well said, it is also, I drink a good cup is too thirsty..”
red drink a cup of tea with flowers Mother was sitting on the bed a few people joking it, I heard people outside voice getting closer —- relatives who wanted to come to the family.
quickly tidied red dress, flower Mother Pa hi again take place at the red head, grabbing a few people with cloth children stood together breathless air does not move.
door was open, with laughter, came to a large group of Ming Fu. Second Princess of top-notch voice sounded:? “Yo —-, do not expose this par hi it is our bridegroom Chijiu hurry, or do not like our bride, ah, how so pro lady dropped it go out? “
red is remarry, but it is clearly a new white married, this gap in the presence of ladies know. Two red princess deliberately trying to embarrass one: you are remarrying people despise you! And she knows what red is because marry, while Chu was to marry a white compounded Why, two of marriage is not something I wish you love, if there is nothing that is really strange child discontent inside. Princess
two red ears to hear the words, she did not even a ripple: I just remarry, but ashamed? The soul of the 21st century, whether she do more like the ancients, her thoughts with the ancients as it is impossible. Princess of these two sentences is simply not hurt red Yigenhanmao.
Chu family no relatives in Beijing knows that these who are coming towards the powerful Ming Fu’s wife, not the government intersects with Chu intimate, and red is the friendship greatly.
two words of Princess ill, do not listen to just one person out. Three Princess Wuzui laughed: “I think the mind but rather a bridegroom deep it, afraid we have to trouble his wife, so do not put hi Pa deliberately removed, we can not take advantage of his intention.”
thousand innocent manner and with three princess who Mingfu clamoring to find out the bridegroom. Two red princess looked back. Unwilling to follow the Lord of the Ming Fu went out again.
cloth children have gone away to see them off just past the doorway: “Why always want to make life difficult for the Second Princess Princess do with us?”
red teams played a par hi replied: “There is not any, but the two of us, and nothing she does not see me turned out to be the low-order goods, so very Qiaobu Shang me, and I was with the old queen and three princess. They befriend, so she was not too happy, right? Later, I was surprised to be the queen as their adoptive daughter, also called the Princess, to order goods than she has been unable to lower the number, she was able to comfortably? “
cloth children dissatisfaction spit out a mouthful: “How Princess’re so lightweight she turned to see our great Duke Lee who was not at home, wants to be sarcastic with you later Duke of adults and so a scourge?. back, she is to be ridiculed by your fun, she is considered hello bully, bully bad now, she also becomes another way of bullying you to show her lofty position. life and fear of being trampled down. “
spend Mother cough a bit:?? ‘loss to get this marriage also do not care about too much, otherwise the cloth child you did not mean to touch our heads about what Princess mold can say it in this day Barbara is outspoken . “
cloth children a tongue: “I just do not care about that too much, just what I always say ah fret the Princess of this marriage is seen as a guest house for months to Chu nothing..”
Red shook his head: “cautious here and not our Princess House, words and deeds should carefully before Chu Fu who got too complicated, we must not be overlooked…”
cloth children Zhengrong agreed. Then a few people no longer talk about them. Only to find some interesting things to say again. Master and servant few people are right when busy, noisy one hears outside, knowing that the return of the ladies.
the door is opened, a white was pushed Chu came: “You give us the bride to expose the hijab, what are you afraid we will not eat your lady, left nothing but a joke to say?. , this is not just the bride Today you can see, all of us is able to see you sooner. “
Chu was a white lady put your reddish face up. He actually had a trace of coy look. See three Princess Princess and five great music. Chu was originally a white romantic joy of the people, simply because he found himself on the red unknown so there is a trace of heart. So it did not look the past.
Third Princess Chu saw a white face to look and feel much less worried hearts: she had been worried about the red of this marriage. She could not understand why red hastily married Chu family. But Chu a white, look, but rather is meant a bit like red.
repeatedly urging the ladies to please, Chu went to the front in red and one white, his first deep application of a ceremony: “Princess forgive me.” This is his way of regret that he did not want to let the red embarrassing, but it group unknown to the ladies too can toss, he did not expect — Who was the first time he married yet?
red still in bed half ceremony, Chu a white reciprocity so the two of them, rolling on a lady of the house: “You really are courteous young couple ah, the survey said role models.”
Chu is a white smile is embarrassed, he glanced at the two Princess, Wan know today can not be too careless. Took only said rod (which is to say, oh, a customs) provoked a red head hi Pa.
red actually been thinking about a question: Do you want to make a pair of ignominy with mood to look like an ordinary place —- so the bride, but in between hi Pa opened the Yisha, decided to count the red a: so she came to look for a bit too difficult, she made her own good.
So a group of left stagger lady laugh bending beneath the middle, showing a red hibiscus calm water to a surface. Chu saw red and one white in the face, suddenly settled down, no longer have the slightest embarrassment: flat Princess a woman does not care, and I let go of what? Is not kidding, what’s the big deal. Another reason
Chu white lies he settled down to red depending on the eye, and his heart about relaxed: not that like a flat Princess it? What’s the big deal? Princess is a perfect square and a woman.
Second Princess saw red when indeed a stunned moment, she never imagined the red in this case, or as calm a face! She hated that this face, no matter what she says to do this face is unshakeable. It is like doing what she said, and in the red, but that seems a naive child in nonsense, too lazy to have repeatedly denounced. Multiple words. Pro forgive me, little woman continued to climb down the code word.
“new product comprehension” ISBN:
say often ignorant mortals, the gods can make mistakes
a mistake Leitian Jun Shen shadow on the girl’s body destroyed, in order to make up for mistakes, a few irresponsible with sweet fairy coaxed her into a place called the Amazon diss continent possessed rebirth ……
two hundred forty-nine wedding night
red quietly looked over the crowd, and then the same people who know hellos. She opens her mouth, the noise of the house gradually gone. Know people with her red prodded, red is the same for everyone though calm countenance had little surprised, but not as surprised as the two Princess gaffe.
house people began to sit up and tell jokes, Chu red and one white to make a wink, a white smile Chu Bao Quan said: “I want to accompany guests to the front, you are on the aunt sister of the bride greeted our family , excuse me excuse me. “
talking, Chu a white arch of the hand and went out of the —- he decided, if not flat against the Sheriff, he might Jiaxizhenzuo, to marry the princess and how flat? British children and he is very like the wild goose, this is not a problem. The question is how to think Sheriff flat.
a white three Princess Chu walked past prodding red waist: “I do not see, ah, you just get married distressed people came from, but we also are a few jokes, you immediately see quickly? The rush of people walking, he was not afraid of us eat? “
red faint smile: “Wangsao joking, in front of the guests to accompany.”
three red face squeezed princess whispered: “another day fine to ask you today, do not you care about your rejoicing, first let you.” Then sit down and not mention this child.
everyone what a joke of course inevitable, but are red forty-two daughter gently pull fend off. Two words to the princess again want to embarrass red, but red but few words will be resolved, but added two Princess trouble yourself a big cop.
straight in front of the guests was referred to only three shifts quickly scattered, still red houses in the table above has been laid out exuberant sons and other things: how to cross tonight? Even a few people have to spend Mother anxiously colors, this is really a relationship with Princess boudoir reputation ah.
red now some urgency: she a woman, of course, is not good to talk with his son Chu Chu himself married a white day how sleep problems, she believes Chu old man with a great general should talk about it on this matter , but at the last minute, but some doubt child in red: the father they did not they going to say good?
Chu a white with some very good friends into the new house: Needless to say, these people need to make a new house is. Red sighed. They can either accept their fate finish downtown say. Suddenly red eyes lit up: If these people just referred to the dawn.
Jing’an also accompanied Chu a white into a new house: married three days without size, it is the custom agreement, this new house can enjoy trouble —- of course it depends on the child groom big thing, or was he to friends means much.
Jing’an anxious to see red silk eyebrows. What worried him 一看便知道 red. Chu could not help but look to the White: This man did not actually say with Princess? Let a man so here Sheriff anxious?
hi po squeeze and said:. “? let the bridegroom and the bride children to the meals we eat on the table Zainao good.” It should be spectacular
everyone to come to. So standing together promised to watch two people eating red. Hi Po Chu spoke auspicious words to a white and red cloth dish. Chu is the first being the number one white felt a little fresh. The red already know. And there is nothing shy of the state. Together openly and manners marriage ceremony to the final completion of the course, only to step —- Chu a white and red is the final step.
people do not see the bride is expected to react, of course quit. They clamored to the bridal chamber. Chu put red and one white woman and sent her to the joy was gone. Next came three times two people to put the house to throw out. And then we said: “Jing’an come close.”
door outsiders laugh:. “bridegroom child you are not drunk you how to Jing’an off to the house of princes??” someone shouted Jing’an opened the door. Outsiders to come in the door. Chu insisted with a white Jing’an closed. Personal impatient literally squeezed into the half of the body in the door in the past. Jing’an laughed and went room to move, kick him —- certainly would not be too hard. The man was clinging to the legs of Jing’an. Finally, others did not come. Jing’an shoes yet to pull away. Once again the trouble for a while. After seeing people really can not open the door until dispersed.
a white tired Chu sat on a chair:. “exhausted me this is where people get married ah ah Jing’an clearly is frustrating you sit down you’re not tired…..”
Jing’an looked at his feet, and then stripped of wine directly to the fabric socks on the floor in front of a red hand:. “Wang sister, I’m sorry to bother you for a while but in reality we are left to wait 楚小子 helpless men. news. looking monitored person is not away. ” After
red hear the words of Jing’an Chu will know is to go with a white Jing’an Princess, of course, would not sleep in this house it. She gently sigh of relief. Smiling in front of Jing’an: “Wang Xiong sit down and talk it means I understand those people, even though Wang Xiong and his brother sit today, but tired to Wangxiong it ..?”
Jing’an laughed: “Actually, I’m just helping 楚小子 block too hard or wine stopper..”
Chu vain at him: “Which day you get married and I go and stop wine these days so you have the nerve to mention the idea thing?
red: “The people preparing something to eat, two

beats by dre

, Gentle kiss on his forehead down, “I’m sorry.”

“I’m fine.” gentle kiss as spring-like defuse the heart of the heavy,cheap beats, cold Luochen silent hold of UN demands, so she totally fit his body, deep voice back to the “swing” of the UN demands ear, “UN demands, some things we do not expect.”

“You know how it was you?” His heart hug to let UN demands that sense of betrayal gradually dissipate, relying on behind the wide arms, one hand holding the cold Luochen UN demands hand, there he is, seems to have settled.

“really quiet and Imperial are not brothers, but cousins.” Although we can not understand, but it has been cold Luochen approximate reasoning can all go through.

“quiet, like parents and my dad was a man of intelligence, but secluded in a mission where parents were betrayed their friends, causing both of them died in the explosion inside, but also the time to be quiet royal parents Adoption. “

back to thinking about things in those days, cold Luochen hold the body of UN demands, “and secluded parents had betrayed the man also died Stealing from Thieves, he seems to have left behind a daughter.”

“for a long time!” repeat itself keen and intelligent, UN demands hesitated, from the arms of the cold Luochen straight from the body, met his deep eyes, “so he wants revenge for a long time.”

“should be, otherwise they will not easily enter the intelligence organizations, and quiet everything had already intended, after revenge, received hypnosis forget this memory, and return to normal life.” Cold Luo Fu-chen, raising his hand “touch” with UN demands tight face, gently rubbing her delicate skin, “UN demands, it is an old account not clear enough.”

“But he was a long time lover, how can you?” think long faint “fans” pale face on the bed, powerless UN demands poured cold Luochen arms, painful eyes closed, “they should be early understanding, so long will love so deep, and so look forward to even after it was over, and he quit along with intelligence organizations had an ordinary life. “

“quiet love can only say that is not deep enough.” Cold Luochen ditan cry, if love is unforgettable, and how willing to her life, and that life is to cherish the woman, “UN demands,cheap beats by dre, no matter what happens, I will not let go. “

slightly turned, looked up looked up at the cold Luochen face, nodded solemnly UN demands, cold hands around Los Chen’s face, dark night, bright smile face bloom like the stars in the night sky, “cold Luochen We do not give life and death. “

“lure you in” confusion “my.” has extremely deep voice was tender, cold Luo Chen bowed his head, can not help but kiss landed on UN demands upturned face, he did not like quiet, he told her of Love the firm as a rock, no matter what happens, he will not let go of her hand.

he has all the time thinking about her, but today she’s mood swings too cold Luochen forbear under the * body clamored fiery, fast push UN demands body, “UN demands, you calm down.”

his self-control not the general good that he had already melted the body under his kiss, UN demands still looked calm pushed his cold Luo Chen, dyed blush face flashed upset.

“cold Luochen.” dissatisfied complain loudly, UN demands, a move suddenly hand, stood up suddenly cold Luochen down by her actions behind the big bed, and her slender figure also immediately pressed over, ” I know what you’re doing? “

“UN demands!” her soft body pressed on his rigid body, and just Longqi clothes again spread, soft chest tightly pressed on his chest, so that no matter how good the cold Luochen self-control is also an instant collapse, “UN demands, I do not want you to regret it!”

both the wind and the European Juan That feeling of betrayal, or looking for a long time and Oriental secluded intertwined with feelings of love and hate, UN demands to know only this moment, she wished to be with him forever and firm together!

“cold Luo Chen, you are not okay?” UN demands to have a firm eyes flashed in, glanced at the Los Chen chilly cold but handsome face, suddenly suspect “confusion” in the opening.

“UN demands, regret too late!” deep and angry opening suspicious looking UN demands look like, cold Luo Chen suddenly discovered that he should forbear want * look, and looked down upon by his beloved woman.

“Your eyes look like this regret.” tired but then was suddenly opened his eyes to the sky with a pair of wrinkled eyebrows, deep eyes and under the brow with a little bit of chagrin, which refused to allow UN demands body discomfort, squinting asked to hug her man.

“I should not have mood swings when you occupy your last night.” large palm pity ask “touch” with UN demands silky back, cold Luochen deep smile, “body still hurt?”

“Yesterday I was somewhat emotional instability.” Five years ago, the scene was finally clear, but is some feeling of betrayal, UN demands ditan soon, will face close to the cold Luochen hot chest, listening to his calm heartbeat, and whispered: “But I have not mood swings to the point of sacrifice, cold Luochen, I love you!”

“What?” like lightning Pizhong general, was completely Petrochemical state, stiff with cold Luochen shocked face, a long time did not return to God.

her confession on the exchange deathly silence, slips UN demands to lift the face, the face with a tangle of questions and chagrin, his face is what?

“cold Luo Chen, what do you mean?” is a moment of silence, the cold Luochen chest poke dissatisfaction on UN demands, she has been vindicated, whatever the outcome, to the point of his face.

She said she loved him! My mind is a blank, cold Luochen slowly looked down at the cold face glared with his UN demands, tight face suddenly soft down, the moment the UN demands quick hug his hands into the arms, dull where there is no voice to express excitement, she said she loved him!

“I know.” answered simply, UN demands bowed his head, hiding under the eyes in happiness, Mom, if you’re in heaven, they will certainly bless me.

“UN demands, again you love me.” somewhat silly laugh, cold Luochen hold UN demands body, inch by inch ask “touched” her body, opening trap “confusion” in.

“boring!” know not on the line, you need brains over and over again, rudely interrupted by cold Luochen then rejected UN demands opening, pull down his wanton hand, brow frivolous, but she remembered him last night ten million do not.

entangled, suddenly the door was pushed open, gentle smile Ishikawa eagles opening the Greek “little hope, get up.”
But when you see the red bed
* “naked” upper body cold Luo Chen, thoroughly chilled smile on handsome face, Ishikawa eagles hope to see two people can not believe entangled to bed, clothes scattered on the ground, drift in the air Huan * love the atmosphere, are harbingers of what happened last night.

“little hope?” After a long time, Ishikawa Ying Xi finally found his voice, looked to be cold Luochen figure hugging arms, face stiff Ishikawa eagle Greek rapidly infected anger, violent roar up, “let little hope.”

“are not allowed to shoot!” in Greek hands while Ishikawa eagle, gray wolf suddenly flashed a figure, an eagle Greek intercepted live Ishikawa hand, a gun’s action to stop him, did not see the empty eyes as charming bedroom scene.

109 missing chapter Chin Yang

109 missing chapter Chin Yang

“I admit that last night, you’re right.” looked slammed shut the door and shook his head powerless UN demands, she just is not necessary and the cold Luochen * bed, but everyone already knows.

“That’s good, Ishikawa eagles Greek damn heart.” Xiemei smile, the eyes of the UN demands hickey blossoming white shoulders, thin thin cold Luochen hold in mouth full mouth smile, she was his!

“You are simply trying to bite!” followed his eyes to see his own miserable skin, UN demands snappily glared proud smile cold Luochen, do not look in the mirror, she has made it clear that she would look like covered .

“Last night you deliberately provocative.” and no remorse, cold Luo Chen out of bed onto the floor to pick up the clothes, back to the UN demands an innocent look.

“I’m not just saying it, there are so serious?” awkward since he took over the large part of their clothes, UN demands whispered loudly, “turned backwards, I wear clothes.”

“last night have seen.” ridicule, but still considerate body turned cold Luo Chen’s face with his back to the UN demands putting gentle, she is his woman!

a bow, dress hand hesitated and looked at his UN demands not believe severely body, annoyed frown, he is a beast it?

“I Come.” long time no movement behind the cold Luo Chen turned and looked at his eyes already belongs to a woman, especially a bright smile, a hand over UN demands body, gentle movements to help her clasp buttons, “UN demands, you happy?”

body hesitated, looking like a king at the moment, but can focus on helping organize their own clothes with cold Luo Chen, Xi Tuken given nodded, “There you are, I would have been happy.”

“silly woman.” she answered like a crescent warm, cold Luo Chen Chen Sheng smile, leveraging hold into the embrace of the UN demands, “we will be happy lifetime.”

“let go.” heart is extremely moving, but still can be exported, then some of the cold, not accustomed to such a sudden closeness, UN demands pushed cold Luochen red * “naked” body, but not wanted his hands just fall Two bumps on his chest.

tall burly body a long, stiff, cold Luochen a rapid retreat, leaving a distance from each other, embarrassed over the cold face, “I wear the clothes.”

looked at his hands, looking to take a step back in cold Luo Chen, cast doubt over UN demands glance, gaze fell on his chest tightly that little convex * point, convulsed in laughter “Cold Luo Chen, you are not too sensitive?”

“You know I want you ban * How long have you?” for the UN demands that mischievous eyes, cold Luochen powerless ditan heard, he was a normal man, although “sex” * For men in general do not like as the need to vent every day, you can always hold back a long beverages, not to mention every day facing the woman he loved, did not relent in her bed is derived from his excellent self-control, plus a cold water bath.

“ban * want?” frowned slightly suspicion UN demands drifted past, these days she is normal to see him only once when she was sharing a bed and some out of control, but finally he repressed For * under fire, no misfires.

“UN demands, never doubt my desire for you?” suddenly held out his hand quickly to 希图拉 into his arms, the strong cold Luochen covered her soft lips, one hand over her hand probe next to his body, afraid of hurting her last night, she or he will not be twice as long as a blow retreat.

palm a hot, UN demands fierce bulging eyes and could not believe the look to the close proximity of the cold Los Chen, his desire * Hope is not a little too quickly.

“cold shower much weight will be sick.” knew this would be the result of non-compliance of the cold bite UN demands Luochen neck last night planted strawberries hickey add new “color” color.

“cold Luo Chen!” one melted from the neck came Xitu Sha dumb protested, had pushed cold Luochen body but not by the hand of Fu “touch” on his firm skin, “to take a bath.”

“good.” contented raised his head, glanced at the UN demands full flush of the face, eyes cold Luochen deep depths over the treacherous, pull over UN demands put your own hands beating his chest, laughing exceptionally ambiguous, “wash Yuanyang Yu together.”

“Who cares for you!” would not be so happy to know that he promised UN demands to thwart a hum, falling on his chest and hands into fists suddenly cold Luochen unceremoniously on the attack in his dodgy moments , kick the past.

“UN demands, this is your next generation half happy!” agile Dangxia UN demands to kick his movements, cold Luochen horror fell on the bed, unable to look at chic woman turned and walked to the door, She really is a killer, not only moves unsparing, actually absolutely ruthless to even kick her source of happiness too.
shut the bedroom door
listening inside cold Luochen that frustrated sigh, UN demands faint outline from the mouth, a touch of blush is not infected with a happy smile back on the cheek.

half an hour later, UN demands and cold Luo Chen finally went downstairs together, and the living room, Ishikawa eagle Greek angry eyes staring at the two men down with pain, has repressed the red with rage “dew” on the forehead live anger and hatred.

while the window, like a touch of smoke-like gray wolf standing by the window, facing out of the sun, the people generally quiet as invisible.

“Why?” Desperate unusual cold and angry voice, Ishikawa eagle Greek stood up slowly, step by step, as if walking in a sharp dagger, severely injured, but still stubborn to UN demands, painful tangle condensed into crimson blood eyes pupil.

“Why do this to me?” grabbed with both hands like pincers on the shoulders of UN demands, Ishikawa eagle Greek roaring out of control, and vigorously shaking the body of UN demands seem to find the answer to that assault.

“I have to deal with.” UN demands back to the cold Luochen a reassuring look, calm look to the Greek Ishikawa eagles, gray wolves have been silent while the side toward the door to go to the cold Luochen glanced UN demands, then stride forward also went to the outside, the same as a man, he knows the pain out Shiroishi Greek eagle, but feelings do not give way and done.

outside the house is a bright morning sun off, very soft, white “color” bright crisp summer morning brings comfort in the yard, cold Luochen look to the side of the gray wolf, opening: “Maybe you do not know secluded The parents died a long time parents betrayal. “

“What do you say?” Wolves hesitated, but hanging damaged hair obscured his face, leaving only sound hollow and cold back “swing” around, “Let me let Oriental quiet?”

“No, I’m just telling you this fact only, the right of every person has his choice, since the quiet had chosen revenge, today is also the fruit borne by him.”

cold Luochen steady and calm voice belongs to UN demands of contaminated cold, think last night in his body Cheng Huan woman, chilled face help soften down, “I can not help make the dragon ‘plug’ hands, let You and quiet alone solve all the grievances. “

listening to the words of the cold Luo Chen, Timberwolves finally lift your eyes, though a broken face is terror, full of scars, but that still belonged to him sharp, “what kind of person you are?”

since he say that this is the case, on behalf of his ability to control and Oriental Imperial dragon help, so let’s identity gray wolf staring cold alert Luochen his complicated than he imagined.

“I just do not want to let UN demands dragged.” It’s not a simple question of betrayal, to love God and hate involved, as well as the previous generation can not resolve grievances, cold Luochen understand that the only thing he can do is to let the dragon can not help ” Plug ‘hands, to the gray wolf and the quiet of a fair solution to all opportunities.
“take care of her, Nightingale deserves.” long silence, the gray wolf suddenly opening at Mai Buxiang steps to go, “I’m waiting for your message.” He dragged equally unwilling to let the nightingale, which has nothing to do with her Oriental quiet intelligence organization is betrayal, betrayal is a long feelings.

Nightingale? He was referring to UN demands, cold Luochen mind quickly flashed what, unfortunately have not had time to ponder, gunfire suddenly the house so he quickly turned and ran toward the living room to go.

“Eagle hope, you work so hard all the hard work out of it for today’s” suicide “it?” seize Greek Ishikawa eagle wrist, and his hands muzzle up, the ceiling can have a bullet marks.

“little hope, you tell me where I am bad, I’ll change.” all the rage for all of the pain

cheap beats by dre

Can not help but stupid to live, supple hair was wet vertically affixed to street repair clever head Chen, Yin Lingnuo quiet suddenly broke and confused eyes, plus a touch of sweat let Lingnuo quiet even think Chen Xiu street very pink, pink which has dared to use the word Lingnuo quiet street repair at Chen body, she felt children should be pink, immature. Chen street repair can now give a feeling this Lingnuo quiet, and temperament has nothing to do just about outside.

quiet street repair Chen suddenly came in Lingnuo put runners organs,cheap beats, and see Lingnuo secluded silly Leng Leng standing in the doorway watching him, my heart burst of joy, picked up a towel and wiped the side of the face, glanced at Lingnuo quiet, “hurriedly, how??”

Lingnuo quiet Huiguo Shen, swallowed, suddenly nervous, Keba authentic, “that …… Uh, actually serious snow, hey!” Lingnuo quiet for a while to react, said that he was unfamiliar repair Chen beauty to the lost soul, angry patted his forehead, glanced at the phone, “Yan Feng ……” Tujue eyes lighting a dark side more than one micro-pressure, raised his head to breathe an exclusion of the whole person, looking close proximity of the street repair Chen, Lingnuo secluded feel the people are burning, followed by street repair back unconscious Chen a further retreat.

Chen See Lingnuo quiet street repair back, and my heart a little bit lost, more of a dark, angry, angry that he did not let Lingnuo secluded completely at ease, but think of the way just Lingnuo anthomaniac quiet heart and somewhat comforting, hand The Lingnuo secluded inside their own circle and door frames, leans in front of Lingnuo quiet, low voice, slowly authentic, “Yan Feng how?”

Lingnuo secluded forced no retreat, no retreat in the quiet urgency in Lingnuo only occur a role in the whole person instantly awake, severely pinch pinch fingers, dark angry animal in nature to the point of dementia themselves up.
see street repair Chen made the atmosphere so ambiguous, just to ask this, my heart an undetermined rises, I do not know what she is looking forward to.
not aware that they have pursed mouth of Lingnuo quiet bitterly, “Well ~ no how!”

quiet street repair Chen was Lingnuo get laughed, although they understand each other, but sometimes hesitant, such as for example, now …… just …… “Oh ~ ~ I asked the other,” Chen Xiu street staring Lingnuo quiet thought, asked in Lingnuo quiet message of hope in the eyes, “What do you think of my upper body how?”

Lingnuo quiet face was red red, quick glance at Lingnuo quiet upper body, mind emerge sentence, said Han Shixian sexy it before, but now she wants to change, and definitely sexier street repair e …… “Ahem , very good … “

“Oh, just good it?” street repair Chen approximation, the distance between the two is less than 1CM.

Lingnuo secluded feel they have been getting faster and faster throughout the throat breathing sound effects are unable to only send monosyllabic, “Eritrea ……”

“So hard to say? how to punish How about you?”

see street repair Chen nasty smile, which usually do not like the contrast and make Lingnuo quiet start chaos suddenly become flexible head up, followed agile hands a lot, shoved open the street repair Chen, Cengceng ran back to the bedroom, he pulled the door area, pulled back the door is about to close, and from under the door to see the leaning on his bedroom door nearest approach to street repair Chen, playfully spit a little tongue, “Hmmm, I was Why so delicious! Even if you are very sexy! “Having flattered closed the door, just think of the words of his face burst of heat, she did not expect to actually say so explicit words ……

street repair Chen chuckled and shook his head go back and continue to do sports, or else Jiubeng sleepy at night.

Lingnuo quiet rubbed cheeks, swoop into the bed, silly smile, and she knew her or street repair Chen, respect her and know that she is not ready yet, always let yourself slowly to adapt to, but not into the The final step …… even though he was a bit unbearable.

turned day to eat breakfast, Lingnuo secluded remembered to ask what time dinner, street repair, Chen immediately asked what time, with no more formal wear, what are the rules and so on, Lingnuo secluded himself for the first time Chen was unfamiliar with repair meet colleagues still very concerned about.

street repair Chen was asked a series of questions Lingnuo secluded stupid, funny and Lingnuo quiet then, “said the afternoon dinner, I am at home in the afternoon to go along with you – and then send you to toot home, the just an ordinary dinner, wearing everyday clothes like, pay attention to the words …… “See Lingnuo quiet calm down, just waiting for him back then went on to say,” fun enough … “

Lingnuo quiet a  Dan? wasting her feelings ah! White street repair Chen glance, but the heart was secretly care about, what to do this morning.

street repair Chen finished, wiped his mouth. See Lingnuo quiet and in a daze, and walked over to embrace the light Lingnuo quiet moment and said, “Good – I’ll take a moment to see my friends always say that …”

Lingnuo quiet nodded smiling, excited ~
street repair for why they went to Chen’s friends will be excited, and even some worry and fear, indeed Lingnuo quiet puzzled for a moment, the thought, that may not be seen parents experience, and street repair relations Chen After determining that they and their parents have been very familiar with each other, so no pressure, now see street repair Chen’s friends see the parents are somewhat heart ……

standing apartment door, looked silly Lingnuo quiet street repair Chen, friends directly to each other at home watching it? Will rude ……

street repair Chen just smile, then proceeded to remove the key from the door of the pot, opened the door and went directly to allow some quiet side of Lingnuo stunned, really put the key in these places ah ……

Lingnuo quiet fast to keep up, just come to hear the keyboard and mouse somewhere loud crackling sound, looked puzzled as to its own secluded as it is to get drinks Lingnuo get snacks and street repair is Chen.

“he recently fell in love with a game, we want it to stay for a morning of it, do not need him, you look around, Oh, how kind, where the decoration good, right?” Chen explained street repair finished, shoving Beverage open handed Lingnuo quiet.

Lingnuo quiet time to react yet to see the environment here, took the drink look around one week, frowning, “Why is it gave me a very insolent feeling?” This looked very simple fashion, but which turned out to be also give her one kind of insolent very strange feeling for Lingnuo quiet.

street repair Chen smiled, “Oh, because there’s some insolent ~ master of his own design, of course, with some of his properties. since we have our own house, designed by us to it ~”

Lingnuo quiet eyes lit up when he heard, “I can??” Lingnuo quiet simply the excitement and anticipation, and completely forget that he is about to enter college,cheap beats by dre, and their professional and these are precisely related.

street repair Chen nodded, very determined and said, “Of course! …”

They are planning, and suddenly the sound of keyboard and mouse den disappeared, footsteps heard, Lingnuo secluded subconsciously look in the past, can not help but mouth open, muttered, “God has no ears,” Did handsome man looking friends are handsome ah?

street repair Chen heard noncommittal.

come tall stature, color and slightly bronze, always with a touch of naked between a closed brown eyes, people can not be underestimated, straight nose, more whole face dark and deep, some pale lips slightly tilt, hold in mouth touch of debauchery informal smile, slowly walking among the whole person who exudes a host of momentum.
come directly from the two walked around, totally did not notice his own house there are two people, went straight to the refrigerator away, open the fridge and walked out a bottle of ice water aboard the study.

time street repair Chen sighed.

come meal, eyes crunched like Niuguo Lai, Chen saw street repair, smiled, “come …”

street repair Chen rubbed his forehead, “said a number of times to play the game not to be so fascinated ……” this friend Antan own work to do, but after all the work, but also excusable, the game can be so …… Fortunately for them, if a thief came and went behind him to steal are not found.

come indifferent smile, “It’s okay, here come the security will not be called a stranger …” Then look to Lingnuo quiet, well-intentioned smile, “Hello, I’m a street repair friend Feng Chen Xi, you are quiet Lingnuo Ah Chen often mention it ~ you ~ “

Lingnuo quiet indifferent smile, “Hello – you also heard so much of it …”

Feng Xi smiled, looked at the two men suddenly lit up, “Snow quiet ah ~, you will play the game, right?”

Lingnuo such a secluded creek is Feng called, is very uncomfortable, no one before had called …… so not used to listening to, eh, “also, but the operation is not very good …”

Feng Xi a clasp fingers, Xiemei smile, “Great, walk walk …” said Chen grabbed street repair and Lingnuo quiet study aboard wrist band.

Lingnuo secluded looked ahead frantically Feng Xi, ponder what you just dazzled, even still think he domineering! Then glanced at his face helpless street repair Chen, his past that he does not think it is very serious, thought it was another face burning.

be closer study, Lingnuo stay quiet again, on both sides of the study placed a big bookshelf attached to the roof of the above is also filled with books, is a large shelf next to a shelf to put a bunch of small, seemingly messy, but it does make people feel very reasonable.
in Lingnuo quiet impression, bookshelves this place is the dirtiest, because the book moved around a lot of trouble, a lot of people simply do not bother to clean it, but Feng was able to see the river here is very clean, can not help but let the same love books Lingnuo secluded feeling kind of friend, who is also on this strange warm up.

Feng Xi took the laptop power, facing a game icon comes on the screen, “is this game,” Having won a book, wrote a few brush in the above account number and password, and then followed for two Road, “Well, on several accounts together! ye fast, and then rushed to me!”

Lingnuo quiet to sit on a chair, opening the game icon, rushed to hear Feng Xi said, his face black line, “Chong what ……” smoothly and opened a few games.

Feng Xi moment, then patted his head, “dizzy, busy, etc. are confused …… ……”

went to their seats, crackling keyboard and press for a long time, “Well – you come in to see the team on points determined, do not do anything else, just help me card system.”

Lingnuo quiet nodded, quickly enter the account number into the game.

Chen See Lingnuo quiet street repair obediently did, helpless sigh, and she bought a pile of books Nono, ah, he is not also get a bunch of books, and then pack it very clean.


29, over …

trio busy for a long time, in Feng Xi loudly, “Well, you can retreat”, the Lingnuo quiet street repair and Chen back out. After
They laugh helplessly, then hands back out from the study of.

street repair Chen Lingnuo quiet here in addition to meet their friends, but also to spend time, also thought the river would entertain them with Feng, Feng Xi a busy, who can not attend. But did not expect to be forced recruitment Feng Xi, also his girlfriend to get into, but very happy to see Lingnuo secluded spot like that worry disappeared.
and Lingnuo quiet it, did not think he would be such a friend to see street repair Chen, somewhat feel fresh, it has not been sitting at the computer more than two hours is somewhat too much ……

They walked out the front ceiling windows overlooking the outside, staring eyes for a moment, Lingnuo secluded feel comfortable a lot. Stretch, watching the scenery was very comfortable on the street next to the repair Chen said, “the scenery here is really good it ~” I feel kind of overlooking the entire city can be.

street repair Chen smile, “and so on …”, said went to a room, when you come out of the hands of more than two big cushions. The cushions on the floor, glanced Lingnuo quiet, sit on the mat with a smile.

Lingnuo cushions looked quiet smile, relying on street repair Chen sat down, the two close together quietly and slowly enjoying the scenery is different from the hill looking down.

Feng Xi though it will be a busy temporarily closed all the senses, but he also has an alarm clock in mind, something will wake up in time, to withdraw from the game, out of the study on in amazement.
from street repair Chen began to understand that he and partners have thought about, street repair, Chen will be single forever, you can now see the two-phase snuggle look, and feel street repair Chen before she was just waiting for this … … my heart can not help a friend happy, but somewhat lost, that he who she is.

two happy snuggle together, standing not far from the bow of a meditation, making the living room in the bustling city of Duoliaoyifen PIP quiet.

long, unfamiliar feeling Feng Chen Xi repair station that for a long time, strange looking back, see Feng Xi bewildered like, softly sighed. Let aside smuggling Lingnuo quiet and Feng Xi are recovered, the three laugh.


entered the restaurant, Lingnuo quiet sense of a heat wave blowing straight, watching people coming and going on the table, bustling.
after everyone saw three people come in, there are a lot of people started coming to here, and Feng Xi, Chen greet street repair, slide down a bit Lingnuo quiet praise.
quiet time Lingnuo know her side of the river is a Lao Dong Feng ……

silent look to the street repair chen, Chen smiled and street repair, and Feng Xi said the sound, with Lingnuo went quiet table to sit down before and Lingnuo quiet explained, “You know I’ll help from high school Friends do something, then they are just getting started, and is the founder of Feng Xi, then a blind rush to help the students did not expect to break up one day, huh … “

street repair, Chen said, very clear sky, but Lingnuo quiet could feel inside can not be so simple, can not help but rubbed his head, “You are what gives life also, he looked about the same size, and we do ……” This rebirth she can still accomplish anything yet.

street repair Chen pinch pinch Lingnuo quiet bulging cheeks, funny and said, “We will not let people how to live it, but master, round trip ~” finished look to the side to deal with Feng Xi, eyes and sigh with admiration “He is now a junior, if not him, I think I might not be so quick tidy up their own ……”

Lingnuo quiet street repair Chen holding hands, smiled, “He is our school?”

street repair Huiguo Shen Chen nodded, “Yeah, but now the school may not see him, huh ~” Then look to Feng Xi, but see Feng creek beside a man, his brow corrugated unconscious.

Lingnuo quiet along the street repair Chen’s eyes look at the past, I just feel like as seen sitter, a graceful and delicate girl. What
girl with a shy smile and said Feng Xi, Feng Xi not like that kind of host who took just come in momentum, but as my brother like to respond to a neighbor girl. Can not help but curiously asked, “Feng Xi girlfriend it?”

street repair Chen shook his head, “No”, see Lingnuo quiet somewhat puzzled look on their own, said, “Feng Xi friends are not very fond of her, huh.”

Lingnuo nodded quiet glance, nor raise another, looked one week did not find a woman, oddly authentic, “In the morning still think that today will be the day that the girls do not see …”

street repair Chen quirky smile, “You want to come to the battle? Oh, you will not see her again …”

Lingnuo quiet moment, then react the same street repair Chen looked weird, “Oh, somebody somebody …”

street repair Chen brilliant smile, “Well ~ Oh.”

Lingnuo quiet biting of lips meet laugh, someone will do a lot of things for you, including trying to clear away all unnecessary things.

They did not clean more than a moment,

cheap beats

Place marked with a symbol, while busy she asked: “? Every right to stay in the house Mende Huang”
“I do not know your temper, obviously restless moment.”
“rare home, I do not want to go out of it.”
brother left finger stroke, appeared in front of a mirror-like light, he turned his body to see new clothes.
“Oh, they will not let you use the spell patriarch!” Geng Niang looked a little worried about the door.
“Guan Dele I do not go out, but no one can stop me, I also Guan Dele spell?” stay brother curled his lip. He found himself on those who do not have any sense of constraint increasingly disgusted.
“leaving boys ……” G Mother hesitated to ask, “Are you here for the day are not used to it?”
“No, I’m fine.”
“Do not lie in front of your mother, you got hiding others, can not conceal my.”
“…… just for a moment, not in the habit, like ourselves to give up.”
“you, your mother know you’re used to free all these years, subject to these constraints let you hard as you, but …… Oh, and tribal way, you coming days ……” Geng Niang opened the door and looked out lookout, shut the door said, “Your father and I have discussed, we go with you to the human world.”
leaving brother suddenly stopped the action, look to the mother.
Geng Mother smiled and said:. “lived here most of my life, and have the opportunity to go out with his son good eye-opener.”
“Mother, father to you and to me ……”
Geng Niang busy waved whispered something to him: “Some people looked at us everywhere these days probably could not walk, and after some time the three of us went to where you live, to see the wood you say Big Brother, but also for your grandfather. on Zhu Xiang. “
“Mother ……” brother left clinging to his mother as a child, like Sa Zhejiao.
“No!” quiet stone flatly refused.
around his land along exposed looking angry wolves.
quiet stone thrown heavily to the floor and cried prey. Stay with any provider brother went to the human world, he immersed himself in grief every day to worry about pouring wine, martial arts has long been abandoned completely, and now returned to his brother’s stay and cheer, whether to stay or go the human world, he and his son want to hunt together side by side, so they began practicing martial arts. Although relaxes muscles and because of drinking too much in a short time is difficult to shake the hand of the recovery, but today he was hunting alone to a hamster,cheap beats by dre, ready to go back to his son to eat.
“You even called me to kill my own son!” quiet stone looked to wolves, said slowly.
“It’s not poison, just let him temporarily unconscious.” one, Wolf explained.
“He was unconscious after it?” quiet stone squinting asked.
leaving brother eat a cutting wisdom, came back to become very cautious, and now want to use poison to him this trick too difficult, unless the mother is still stone or G only way to do it.
“I will not do it, you really can not tolerate him, I’ll take my son to go!” quiet rock roar. He originally thought that the tribe is not acceptable to stay up to brother, forcing him to flee again, I did not expect them to have such a terrible plan.
“Jing Shi, family or home-grown weight? you are a dignified manner wolf man, why can not severing the interests of the whole family!”
“leaving boys doing something wrong?”
“He is wrong in this world should not be born into!”
static stone and the name of wolf glared at each other.
“I will not let you move a hair of my son.” Jungseok spoke again, surprisingly calm voice, “I was wrong, twenty years ago, I should go with him, so he went back to harm this place! “
“He could not walk for this!”
“Ha ha ha, you understand his cultivation to what extent, my son stronger than any one of you, with you stop him!”
“no matter how powerful he is useless, because you are ……”
wolf who came up slowly, Jungseok understand their true purpose. He scanned the crowd, slowly pull out the sword ……
stay Lei Feng brother walked behind the long underground passage, listening to their footsteps echoed issued,cheap beats, he had a very strange feeling. He had never noticed, underground passages could be so low humidity, under the earth could be so quiet.
“Lei Feng, do you take me to where? elders allow me to just go out!”
“stay elder brothers afraid of the rules?’re not always fearless it?” Lei Feng Low smiled and said, “I see you really are left too long, do not even know the way.”
leaving brother heard him say, carefully looked around, his face showing a hint of a smile, grab in front of Lei Feng, walked into the front of a natural grotto.
grotto walls stood placing weapons drive, coffee and wine jars, everything did not change much, and the memory of the brother to stay exactly the same.
“Jing Shi t do not come here after I take care of everything.” Lei Feng said as he pulled out from the weapons rack two silver gun, to which one throw left brother, “Come on, let me see see you all these years there is no progress. “
“I want a test?” stay brother took the silver rush down look, hand stuck in the ground, “I never use weapons.” Then get rid of the coat, showed a shelf, beckoned to the Lei Feng.
Lei Feng also threw the gun aside, leaving Costa Rica to explore hand attack in the past. During these years Kikunami
wood around, leaving the focus back to the brother practicing spells. Lei Feng now and fight, so he could not help but recall the year together with the hard martial arts scene. Maybe stay in the ground wolf, every day, and his father, Lei Feng hunting, the mother is also home to serve a good life now ……
Kung Fu Lei Feng is now more sophisticated, sharp moves, and stay all these years can be considered a veteran brother, have seen a variety of opponents, combat experience richer, even each individual punched matched. Has been hit both sweating before sitting on the ground laughing.
“come!” Lei Feng brought a jar of wine thrown stay brother, “It seems that you run out for so many years, I was not dropped the effort.”
“all these years you have not lazy ah!” brother raised his left jar to drink, wine, water washout of one.
“You just do not use magic, if so, I will lose it? Everyone says I’m still following the race after the first stone t-master, in fact, if you do not leave, the first master to wolf is certainly You. “
leaving brother smiled and shook his head. In recent years he’s seen more, not long ago the share of uppity teenager frivolous, he knows he is now very weak compared to wood Kikunami, let alone the strength still leaves over wooden Kikunami Spirit, as well as among all sectors of the big monsters unknown …… this life, he was afraid and then to the “first” boasted the word.
“remain brothers, and you really want to hunt together, practice together ah ……” Lei Feng said with emotion.
“I’m coming back this time, maybe do not go.” brother patted his left shoulder.
“No, you go! let Jungseok t and G Mother go with you!” Lei Feng suddenly shouted.
“Come on! Believe me, leaving brothers, you can not stay up I’m your friend, I will not hurt you!” Lei Feng finished, stand up and walked away, the hole time and temporary back one brother looked left, “If I did not have a wife and kids, really want to go with you to see the outside world.”
stay Lei Feng brother looked at the figure disappeared, mind wondered: “Lei Feng said he would not hurt me, so …… who the key for me?”
brother hurried home to stay in, or in mending clothes see his mother, his father still did not go out, and when he had to go out no different, but his heart was to give birth to the unrest. He reached out to take over the tea, the first cup of tea to calm himself about.
“stay brother, come out.”
group of wolf rush, leaving brother put down the cup stand up and face what expression did not.
“patriarch wants to see you, now we go!”
“good,” stay Gemai step away.
“Wait a minute.” leader of the wolf stopped him and lifted a cup, “Drink to go.”
“No, I just drank tea, thanks.” brother narrowed his left eye.
“static Shixiong where the patriarch.” wolf that were looking at him that he did not say anything, because leaving Columbia, this one is enough.
“My father …… you ……” Brother clenched left fist. He can not imagine how proud he had turned the tribe would have done this to.
“quickly drank, we go.”
“Ha ha ha ha ha ……” stay brother laughed, “I actually let the whole family down its guard, also considered worth it! brought my drink!”
wolf that were handed him the cup, he looked to his lips, secretly relieved, in fact, what the chiefs, etc., what to drink and left are to make spiritual brother to stay relaxed, and that as long as the poison in a glass of water stained lips and teeth, it is sufficient that he killed it.
brother left holding the cup to his mouth sent.
“remain brothers.”
“Mother.” leaving brother did not look back, “I went to see the patriarch and father, you are waiting for us to come back, and then we’ll go together to the human world.”
“Where is your father?” Geng Niang came over and asked.
“static Shixiong where the patriarch, leaving brother was waiting to go.”
“Really?” Geng Niang pale gaze brother to stay a moment, hand took the cup in his hand, “they threaten you with your father to drink poison?”
“is ……”
“you actually would do such a thing, is simply a disgrace to the wolf’s face!” She turned and pointed to a wolf who curse, “You nasty villain, regardless of right and wrong to embarrass a child! you too underestimate us a man, he is a real man quiet stone, he will do anything to protect his son, so he did not patriarch there …… “
she looked up, a tear roll out the eyes: “You an opening I knew he was dead, in order to protect his son ……”
“not! Mother! father is not dead!”
“Look at their faces, to see to know! was their father’s death sentence for you, they also stained with blood on the paws of your father too!” Geng Mother Pointing to wolves.
to wolves and some looked down, and some looked away, some back with the handle shrink up.
watching their movements, leaving brother’s heart suddenly cool thoroughly: “You killed my father …… he is a wolf like you, ah, you in daily life for so many years, even kill him ……”
“win!” the lead wolf of a wave, the crowd surrounded brother to stay over.
“remain brothers, your mother can no longer accompany the human world ……”
“Mother!” stay brother shoved back and saw the mother has put poison drinking G imports, under panic cried, “Mother! What are you doing!” he quickly reached for the cup shot down, but the mother has already Geng cup of poison drank a half.
“Mother, how are you?” brother left clinging to the mother, remove the immortality stuffed into his mouth.
“No, I made an appointment with your father, born lay dead in the same hole, leaving us …… boys and go, do not let us drag you …… go to the human world too carefree days …… land wolf is not your home …… “
“Mother, father certainly still alive, I’ll take you to find him!”
“I know he’ll be gone …… I know him …… go, you go ……” G Mother’s mouth smile revealing a touch of pathos, left hand baboons brother’s face.
stay hard brother stuffed into her mouth a few immortality, hugged her and walked to the door. Not come to the door, Geng Niang head a soft, leaving brother in arms stopped breathing.
“Mother, Mother!” stay brother screamed, glaring eyes of the wolf, “my father do? Where is my father?”
“Kill!” ground surrounded by wolves who come armed with weapons.
“You killed my father and mother.” murderous brother remain overshadowed anger, but calm down, “Since then, I am no longer your tribe, I want you to give my father and mother for life.” When
claws stay when inserting the first brother wolf’s chest, to be issued exclaimed wolves, though they want to get rid of remaining brother, but never thought of leaving brother would kill Serbs. Brother can stay this time, the killing was the only means to vent his grief it.
one, two ……
blood, flesh, severed limbs ……
leaving brother to kill himself can not remember how many Serbs, do not know what to do next, just rushed forward with a trial of strength, along kill anyone dares to block his creatures. He looked forward to the next moment, still holding the sword in the stone figure appeared in front. When a wolf waving
obliquely over, leaving brother flash sideways, waving claws Xiangyebuxiang past, claws will catch each other’s face, he saw the other’s face.
“cake children ……”
brother left a withdrawal of the body, exhausted body strength just to change the direction of their attack, spare the life of a former friend, and then they feel great pain abdomen, cake child turned out to be the opportunity to take advantage of his mercy, very sword pierced his lower abdomen.
“cake children!” Brother Bao He soon left, lifting claw down, cake children no time to dodge, but unafraid watched him die. He dared approached blocking left brother, had the disregard of life and death.
“Damn!” brother left halfway retracted hand, turned in the other direction grappling, but feel a numb arm and called his mother’s body to get rid off the ground, he possessed Qubao legs a soft almost fell.
“poisonous sword!” stay Brother hearts surprised.
a tall back blocked his way, leaving brother looked up and saw his sword standing, it is Lei Feng.
“Lei Feng, he poisoned, quick kill him!” all around came the sound of the call, leaving brother even can not tell who is calling. Lei Feng Jujian pixia, leaving brother raising his hand a grid, to see the Lei Feng’s sword bounce back insert their bones.
Lei Feng staggered about in the left ear and whispered brother urging: “Hurry!” and then back down.
see even Lei Feng was also injured, sometimes afraid to wolves again pediment.
poison in the body gradually spread brother left, he shook his head and looked at Hei Yaya came up to the wolf and the mother’s body is being towed, a bite, a virtual draw hands in the air, shout: “! Thunder”
a group Gravitropism wolves thunder roll over, sent a deafening noise in the ground, after the thunder and lightning, leaving Costa Rica has long been missing.
underground caves, leaving Costa Rica bound in a league in the corner, his body toxicity and injury than his own imagination. Time has passed one day, though leaving brother ate wood Kikunami immortality, but still have aggravated the injury trend wounds even begin to stink.
wolf who must hunt in around him, he should stay Geming White fled here as soon as possible. But the tribe still remains in the hands of parents, how could he walk away?
“You really are here.”
leaving brother suddenly jumped up and give full alert.
“Here is the year Jungseok martial arts teach you where we are going to find you on the ground, but I think you must be here.”
“Shen Chu ……”
Shen Chu few bottles in hand, to stay with a brother complex expressions.
“you want to kill me?” mouth thrown brother left a slightly bitter taste.
“how can I kill your friend?”
“Shen Chu ……” stay brother heart of a hot, desperate rush to hold his hand.
“I’m not afraid to take the opportunity to give you a knife?”
“I also recognize that.”
“Why ah? remain brothers, why things will look into this today ……”
“I have not done a bad thing, is that they Kukuxiangbi! why must I cornered, Shen Chu, I have never had to sell wolf!”
brother Shen Chu left hand holding the back, with a wry smile, said:. “Even if all men doubt you, I believe you and I believe my eyes to see a friend.”
“friend ……” leave no thought but also from Columbia wolf population heard the word, his eyes welled up with tears.
“This is my stolen, not necessarily the solution got under Master Sim toxin, but …… you take with you.” Shen beads remain in the hands of the drug upon their brother.
wood Kikunami immortality brother who are left untied poison, not to mention heavy beads used in these unusual drugs? Brother can stay still and let sink beads help

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